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(1) Be respectful
(2) Be appropriate.
(3) No romancing characters without asking first.
(4) Kissing is the farthest you may go in romance, otherwise go to messaging.
(5) Try to be detailed :) 2 lines at least unless you are feeling lazy.
(6) Try to be active. :)
(7) No making topics without permission.
(8) Obey the mods.
(9) No making me angry, please. -.-
(10) Fantasy is allowed. Mages, dragons, elves, etc. are all allowed and creatable. However, no overly powered characters with super human strength or anything like that.

(11) No coming to topics where other people are roleplaying unless you have asked first and they have said it's alright. (If you do, WAIT for everyone else. I swear, if this is messed up again... that'll be it, I'm done with this group and probably Goodreads as well.)
(12) If someone is bothering you, tell me or any of the mods. We will "inspect" the problem.
(13) Invite your friends.
(14) Read the face claim topic before creating characters. And make sure you face claim your character, and also read through to check if you're not stealing someone else's face claim.
(15) Be ignorant and rude to my friends or me and general and I will kick you, I absolutely mean it.
(16) Max character hold is four.
(17) There can only be one character with the same name. If... Sarah, for example, is already used, it cannot be used by someone else.
(18) No spamming the roleplay topics unless you are roleplaying in general.
(19) If you are going on a vacation or taking a break, tell us.

(20) Everyone, all I ask is to get along and not be disrespectful to anyone.

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((Alright. :3 I'll leave it how it is though, for people know exactly what I'm talking about.))

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