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message 1: by Chaney (new)

Chaney Amber follows them into the library. When she lands her wings disappear immediately.

message 2: by goblin gender (new)

goblin gender (blanketedmelody) ((Guys, gotta go, I may be on later. I give either ash or Crystal permission to use my character, okay. Peace!))

message 3: by Chaney (last edited May 03, 2014 09:39PM) (new)

Chaney "Yes." Amber says. She loved his excitement to the library. She smiles and looks around.

message 4: by goblin gender (new)

goblin gender (blanketedmelody) Ryland flew in, he had to take a detour from trying not to set everything on fire. He turned back into a human and stomped out a fire next to him.

message 5: by Chaney (new)

Chaney "Of course." She says. Amber walks over to a shelf and scans the books looking for one that looked interesting.

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