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Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments I loved Divergent!
I thought the work was well designed and people who say its a copycat from The Hunger Games are so mistaken ugh.
I thought that the character development of Beatrice Prior was amazing, I didn't like her that much in the begining but then as the story was developing she was changing, not only on her appearence but with the way she was thinking and how she was treating other people. She actually surprised me in a positive way when she stood up for Al and didn't feel sorry for him, because Al didn't deserve any redemption or pitty. What he did was unforgivable and the way Tris acted? A+, round of aplause to Veronica Roth.
Also the way she developed the relationship between Tris and Four made me very happy, I felt my stomach turn and tinkle when their scenes came up.
I, overall, think it was amazing that Veronica could pull off a strong female character who is afraid of stuff and didn't make her fearless. I felt like Tris was REAL! I loved how banal her fears were (regarding Human Touch) I just... I am speechless.

Would rate this book 4.5 stars.

Jess Divergent is definitly not a copycat of the hunger games. Overall it was a pretty good book. The characters were good and so was the plot.

Garrett N | 1 comments I loved divergent. I am on Insurgent right now. I recommend this book to anyone who likes action thrillers.

Amnah (pixiieebooks) | 4 comments i read all the books in the series..its awsome.. and i recently finished reading 'the transfer' in tobias's POV... loved all of them..

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