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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel C. | 13 comments I think the theme of the book is that funny things are everywhere according to dr. Seuss. For example, on the last page, 63, Dr Seuss quotes; "Today is gone today was fun tomorrow is another one every day from here to there funny things are everywhere". The genre of the book could be put as children's book or poetry. This book is funny and is filled with tounge twisters, but it is also pretty hard to read out loud because of the many toung twisters.

message 2: by Dajla (new)

Dajla | 10 comments Growing up, I would not read any other books but Dr seuss! He is very creative with his words and books. I'll make sure to check this book out! should be really good if its Dr seuss!

message 3: by Lazhya (new)

Lazhya | 4 comments Dr. suess was a very good arthur for us growing up. He was basically telling us funny jokes and keeping us intertained as we read his books. Good review!

message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert | 8 comments what a good book i think it will be good to learn from good job

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