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message 1: by Stan (new)

Stan Smith | 1 comments Announcing a "Kindle Countdown" deal for The Search for Bryant Hunter , starting Monday, May 5. Beginning Monday, this 4.5-star reviewed book can be had for a song—that is, a $.99 song—for just 2 days until May 7, when the price increases to $1.99. That price holds until May 9, when it jumps to $2.99 (still a bargain), until finally, on May 11, the price returns to its full $3.99 point. And what do you get for these bargain prices? Just look:

When mysterious billionaire industrialist Morgan Hunter's son Bryant disappears from the megayacht Sirene under bizarre circumstances, the businessman organizes a search for the boy, spearheaded by ambitious journalist Kristin Ewell.

Joined by marine biologist Ike Neumann, physicist Stephen Minter, and diver Duke Duquesne, the searchers embark on what is supposed to be a routine exploration of the ocean off Baja California, seeking the answer to Bryant's disappearance.

But when incredible lights start to appear at night, and the truth behind Morgan Hunter's dangerous past is revealed, the search becomes anything but routine.

Was Bryant's disappearance the only reason for the search? Who--or what--is causing those lights and the dazzling daylight displays? Who is Morgan Hunter, really?

As the search grows ever more eerie and menacing, Kris, Ike, and the others realize there is much more beneath the waves than they ever imagined.

Check out the deal, beginning Monday, May 5, at

message 2: by Anna- Maria (new)

Anna- Maria Butucescu | 1 comments Stories and Scripts an Anthology by Zack Love *** 99-CENT SALE OF NEW BOOK BY ZACK LOVE (June 17 & 18 only!)*** Cry. Laugh. Swoon. Think. Just 99 cents (Regularly $2.99) for an unforgettable journey!

Stories and Scripts: an Anthology
7 spellbinding stories: a dramatic romance, a satire of the mega-rich, a soulful reflection on the problem of evil, humorous dating adventures, and stories that make you think.

Amazon UK:

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