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Now we'll never know > Historical fiction: about a jew(?) who ends up in a German family

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So I read this book around 4-5 years ago. It was about a boy (I think he was Jew but I'm pretty sure he didn't know that himself) in world war 2 who was adopted by a German family. He always carried around a pin that I think his grandmother had given him. The German family had a boy around his age and I'm pretty sure they started off a bit rocky but soon became extremely close. Then because of the war they had to hide in the room under their house. German soldiers stormed in and ruined the whole house. In one incident the boy crept outside when his mother (the one that adopted him obviously) was asleep. The other boy followed him and asked where he was going (just to let you know this isn't an accurate account of that part of the book). I think the adopted boy didn't answer but his brother already knew he was going to look for the pin. You see, the boy was attracted to a concentration camp a ways away from the mansion he now lived in and the other boy knew this. When he went to see it he lost the pin (it was this or that the adopted boy was going to the concentration camp either way he lost the pin in the end). They began fighting because the other boy was telling him to go back because it was to dangerous but he refused so they started beating each other up. No, no wait. One of them I'm pretty sure was a girl (I think it was the adopted one). Sorry this got really confusing.

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Was it adult, YA, or children's?

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Mac | 10 comments Sounds kind of like the book thief?

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