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dany (elothwen) It was late in the day, and despite the previously warm weather, it was raining.
Samantha seemingly floated above the stream, making some wind with a few flicks of her hand. She slowed the rain to a drizzle, lowering herself to sit on a rock protruding from the side of the tiny waterfall in the creek.
She glanced around, her ears picking up some animal chatter. Literal chatter, in English.
Okay, so birds weren't very nice.
Samantha glared in the direction the tiny voices were coming from. "Why don't you shut your...beak, and keep your unkind words to yourself? Wings aren't only for birds!" She called out, raising herself with a few flaps of her wings.
She hovered for a moment, before she heard a crack in the underbrush, a few yards away at the start of the forest. Sam tilted her head slightly, going a few feet higher, just in case.

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Bethany jumped out from behind the bushes. She grabbed Samantha and held onto her tightly. "Looks like I'll have a pixie for a snack today.

Bethany was on her way to a random village to fee her bloodlust and her sexual hunger. She had became bored in the mountains with her husband lounging around and what not. She also couldn't be bothered today about her clan.

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dany (elothwen) ((I was flying >.>

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((Yes I know but flying in the air can still be near ground right?))

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dany (elothwen) ((But at the end of my post it said she flew a few feet higher. So she was about four feet in the air.))

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((It's gonna take me a few minutes guys. Please be patient. .-.))

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((Well I would change it but on mobile I'm sorry, I promise ill change it when I get to my computer...))

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((Well considering that she's a vamp, couldn't se jump?))

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dany (elothwen) ((Actually, it's okay. She'll just electrocute Bethany._.))

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((Lol but I thought se was a faire? They have that ability? Or were you joking?))

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dany (elothwen) ((Well, she can control weather, and lightning is essentially electricity.))

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((True and again sorry about that...))

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dany (elothwen) ((It's fiiiine. Guys, I gotta shower. Brb))

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((Sorry, lost internet connection.))

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Tristesse sauntered along the stream, in awe of how peaceful the stream actually was. In villages and places alike she was usually harassed until the point where she could barely control herself, anger nearly causing her to snap completely. This place though wasn't like that though. For once in her damn life she could have a moment to relax and calm herself, to forget about everything else. Everyone needed time alone, somewhere peaceful and quiet where no one else could come and destroy that tranquility.

Tristesse sat down at the edge of the stream, running her hand through the clear water. Even with the rain pouring down, she felt calmer then ever and simply ignored the weather. It was still warm, and that was better then having it bitterly cold and snowing. Fire rose from her right hand, but the water immediately put out the flame. She lifted her hand from the the stream and glanced forward, hearing someone talking in the distance. Tristesse decided to get up and continue on.

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dany (elothwen) Samantha wasn't expecting it- or rather, she was expecting something, just not that.
Either way, it was unclear if the electricity that shot through her torso and into her captor's hands was voluntary or not.
As the hand's grip lessened, Sam was able to pull away. Instead of fleeing, though, she rose much higher into the air.
"Well, that wasn't very nice, was it?" She tilted her head, as if she was asking a small child.
She got a good look at the person who had grabbed her. It was a woman, dark brown hair...Sam recognized her. She was a vampire, and she happened to be the leader of one of the most powerful vampire cults.

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"Well, as you should know, I'm not a very nice person." Bethany felt the jolt alright, but she wasn't about to let the Fairy know that. She smoothed out her black vampire armor, and moved he. Arms about her, stretching. "Next time I'll make sure to bite." She winked at the Fairy.

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"Hey! Is someone there?" Tristesse called out, looking around. She bit the corner of her lip lightly, digging her mage staff of fire into the ground beneath her and stopping. She leaned against a tree and whistled softly, crossing her arms.


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dany (elothwen) Samantha turned her head away from the vampiress, calling out, "Are those the birds again, or are you a real person?"
She looked around, before noticing at the edge of the forest, a woman with a staff. She was whistling.
"Oh, so you are a person. Oh, watch out. The woman below me is sadistic."

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"I may not be able to fly but I still have ears." Bethany laughed and walked over to the Mage. "Bethany, if you don't already know."

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"I already know who you are. You're the leader of Lasombra." Tristesse muttered, acknowledging the wood faerie's words. "Yes, I know." She replied, backing away from her. "I'm sure everyone has heard about you. After all, who doesn't around here?"

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dany (elothwen) "Why aren't you trying to eat her, Bethany?" Sam pondered aloud, raising an eyebrow and frowning.
She lowered herself slightly, but only so she could carry on a conversation.

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"Well... I have been almost anywhere and to almost every area of land." She laughed at her subtle joke. "Anyways I didn't eat her because I find myself inthralled to find out about everyone else here at the stream." She smiled.

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"Yeah, then you will "eat" us." Tristesse murmured quietly, sighing. "I don't intend telling any of you about myself. I'd just like to continue on my path, without anyone bothering me or trying to drink my blood, alright?"

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dany (elothwen) Samantha got closer to the pair, throwing a few strands of golden blonde hair over her shoulder.
"Why were you here in the first place, Bethany?" She asked, relatively interested.

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She laughed as if it was obvious,"I was going to (place town here that will be an rp able place later here). I mean were else can you have a good meal and have fun? To be honest I think I've found my answer." She licked her lips an started at the both of them.

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dany (elothwen) "Hm, I don't think you'll get very far with that," teased Samantha, raising herself a few yards above Bethany's head.
"What do they have over in {town}?"

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Tristesse raised her hands, a flame flickering in both of them. "I don't think that's a good idea." She narrowed her eyes and walked away from them a bit. "Town, huh? Which direction?"

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