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message 1: by Steven (new)

Steven (tbones) | 592 comments Hey everyone, I know there are quite a few reads going on so I hope we get a few readers of this title as well. This is such a great book and so different from the film that it definitely deserves a read cause so much would be missed out on. This is also the beginning of the Pendergast titles so of coarse this should be a must for any Preston & Child reader :O)

message 2: by Angie (new)

Angie | 225 comments Steven I've been reading this over the past few days, more slow than usual but thankfully I've got a paperback copy which doesn't strain my eyes like a kindle screen:O) I've become very addicted to these books straight away! I'm up to p. 140 and things are really heating up at the museum now, its nice and creepy as well which I didn't expect at all!! The film just didn't seem to get it right did it and I absolutely love agent Pendergast:D

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