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Will add pic of his room later ^^

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Porter parked his car in the space that was closest to the building, smiling ever so slightly as he ran his hands along his steering wheel. Yanking his keys from the ignition he hopped out of the truck, reaching around to his back door to grab Chester who was purring softly in his sleep. He also grabbed his dorm keys which were safely tucked away on the side of the door. Looking down at a map of the dorms he figured out it was on level three. Shouldering one of his bags he walked up to the room. It wasn't his own idea to go to college- in fact he would've been perfectly happy without another four years of school, but weighing everything out he still had no idea what he even wanted to do with his life- and being here seemed better then staying alone in an empty mansion while all his friends from high school went to do their own thing. As he approached the room he set the crate down before opening it up and carrying it inside. His bag fell to the floor as he shoved his keys into his pocket walking over towards a door to the left, checking out an empty bedroom. He instantly claimed it as his, figuring whoever would be his roommate wouldn't mind- and if they did oh well. He opened the crate to Chester's cage, laughing softly at the cat who was still passed out and asleep. Sighing softly he closed the door to the room behind him before walking out and down the three flights of stairs to grab some more of his things.

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rimskur Her smaller car turned right into a massive parking lot, full of various cars of all colors, shapes, and size. Her eyes scanned the rows and columns for any sight of an open parking lot. Thankfully, after a few minutes of searching, she found an open space located a little walk away from the dorm she would be staying in. She pulled out her keys from ignition and raised her shade as she slipped out of the car. Her hair blew over her shoulder as she gazed up at the building were she would be staying. This would be her new home for the next few years. Her own dorm while she attended college. It was incredible. No more moving, no more having to give up friends. College was a new step in the right direction, where she would find new friends, get the career of her dreams, and lead onto her future. And it all started here. Shutting the front door, Holly traveled back to her drunk, taking out a couple of her belongings at a time. She had brought eough, contradicting with what her mothrr had to say about her amount of luggage. She said something about making it more homely. It all passed through her ears as she passed the backseats and grabbed Dill's cat carrier in one hand. Her other arm was packed with a few things. Her feet trailed the distance, a soft hum leaving her lips as she crossed the asphalt. Looking down at her map, she located her dorm. With some difficultly, she was able to open the door. It appeared empty to her until she found a fallen bag near the door. Obviously, her roomate wasn't going to be very organized by what she could already tell. Setting the cat carrier down, she opened the zipper, allowing Dill to prowl around. She lifted the fallen bag, lifting it up in front of her face. Her nose wrinkled slightly as she caught a whiff of what was inside. Her mind began to question about her roommate but shrugged it off. She wasn' t one to assume things. Leaving the bag behind, she moved towards the right bedroom on intinct, and found it to be empty. Great. She dumped her belongings onto the floor, taking a seat on the mattress. The drive had exhausted her and she had promised her parents that she would alert them when she had arrived. Her hands fiddled in hr bag, smiling as she found her phone.

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Gathering a few more boxes he made his way back into the dorm, he walked back into his own room, unaware anyone was there as he set the boxes down on the floor. Reaching for his bed spread he began to make the bed, smile softy as he felt something moving shan't his leg. "Hey Chest-" the smile fell short of his face as he looked down, realizing the cat curling itself around his legs was indeed not his own- which meant his roommate was already here. Finishing up the bed with a sigh he crouched down on the floor petting the cat briefly in-between his ears. "Aren't you a cutie?" He asked with a grin before hearing a small his from Chester's carrier, meaning he had finally woke up. Rolling his eyes he stood up guiding the other cat out of his room and wandering over towards the bag he had left by the door. He noticed it was out of place but shrugged it off as he wandered back into his room with his bag and a treat in hand. He gave one to Chester before he began to unpack the rest of his things.

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rimskur ((Hey, can you reply at the courtyard?))

Her hands fumbled with her phone, finding her parents number in her favorites list. The phone she was currently using was quite terrible. It glitched all the time,.leaving her wanting to throw it against the wall. Most of the time, she would press one button, only to have another app open without her command. It was infuriating, trying to make it work. Her fingers tapped against her thigh impatiently as the phone rang. Eventually her mother picked up the phone. They exchanged greetings, a small conversation playing out between them. She organized some items where she wamted them to be. It would be getting dark soon, so she would have to get her other stuff. As she meant to close her phone, her mother requested for her to put Dill on the phone. It was so stupid, but her mother liked to converse with her cat as well. "Dill! Mama wants to talk to you." She called out. Her door was mid open,.prepared for the sight of her tabby cat prancing in.

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Porter was just opening his last box when he heard a voice from the other room- and as far as he could tell it definitely wasn't a mans voice. Shaking his head he figured his roommate had a girlfriend- which would be something they'd have to discuss soon. She couldn't be here all the time, and they'd better not fight over that. Chester stretched himself out of the cat carrier walking out of the open door and towards the sound of the voice. Looking back down at his things he called his cat back into his room, reaching for him and setting him on the already made bed as he assembled his laptop. He began to organize the little things on his desk before making his way back out of the room.


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rimskur Her feet led her back to where she began. The entrance to her dorm was empty still. She hadn't heard anyone open the door again, but it was possible. As she looked back at the front door, she found that the fallen bag was no longer there. So, her roommate had come by. Shaking her head with annoyance, she quickly ended the call with her mother. "Dill, come here boy!" She called out again. She heard a slight pad of feet from the right room. As she craned her neck, she found a different cat from her own, presumably her roommate' s. "Oh, hello there." Holly murmured in a sweet voice, crouching down next to it. Her hands gently rubbed the top of the vat's head, petting its soft fur.

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Porter paused by the fridge as he was placing water bottles inside. His ears perked up at the sound of her voice, and he felt a familiarness about it. Being he'd been with plenty of girls he had no idea who it could be- though he was sure things would be slightly awkward, now, between him and his roomie. Closing the fridge his eyes flickered across the room before landing on both the cat an her. Since she was turned away from him he cleared his throat. "So who's Dill?" Porter asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets as he took a few steps out of the small kitchen area, his gaze wandering over towards the opposite bedroom for a moment.

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rimskur The cat's fur stuck out between her fingers. It emitted soft mewls of pleasure as she scratched its head. A soft smile spread across of her lips. This was why she loved cats over dogs. Cats were smarter, in her opinion and were the most adorable creatures when they were happy. She heard the shut of a door, catching her attention. Her hand stopped moving on top of the cat's head, stopping its mewls. She stood abruptly, wondering who was there. Her roommate? Her head turned as she heard a deeper voice, frightening her. She stood in a startled position, her eyes wide as she saw a male standing in her dorm. Who the hell was he? "What are you doing here?" Holly snapped out of her trace, rowing as she saw some similarities.

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He smiled softly watching as Chester warmed up to her before shaking his head. When she turned around he felt himself tense before trying to regain his composure. Holly? His Holly? This couldn't be right. This had to be some sick joke. But no, there she was… in his dorm. Letting that sink in he realized how stupid he must look just staring at her. As her words registered he rose an eyebrow. "This is my room… where's your boyfriend?" He questioned, figuring that was the most logical thing to ask. Although the though of her having one didn't make him in the slightest bit happy he'd have to make himself fine with the fact she'd moved on- but then again he couldn't imagine ignoring her if she was going to be here all the time.

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rimskur Her eyes were round, as if she was afraid of him. He appeared as a total stranger to her. Subconsciously, she drew herself away from him, tightly wrapping her arms around herself. He was a stranger...right? She couldn't really tell. Her dark eyes framed by long eyelashes blinked quickly, uncomfortable with the other being in the room. At his remark, she stilled instantly, feeling a large pit grow in her stomach. No, this couldn't be happening. The dorms had been messed up. "I don't have a boyfriend...and this is my dorm." She grounded out with gritted teeth, a miffed tone in her voice.

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Porter instantly felt bad as she shrank away, as if he was something to be afraid of. He knew he would never hurt her; but unfortunately she didn't. "I'm not going to hurt you." He told her in a reassuring tone, throwing his hands up in the air as if to make a point. When she told him she didn't have a boyfriend he felt a small sense of relief, before he began questioning things. They must've messed something up… or he was in the wrong room which was practically impossible considering the key had indeed worked. "Well it's also mine." He told her, doing his best to not get annoyed by her tone. Porter wanted to offer to go right down to the office now and fix the entire problem, but he wasn't sure he could.

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rimskur Her eyebrows slanted above her wide eyes, disbelief written across of her features. She didn't trust him one bit, but his voice sounded completely genuine. Her eyebrows knit together in thought, sinking to the ground once again next to the cat she had been petting earlier. Well, this cat had obviously been his. And it seemed to be quite accustomed to him, so he had to be a good person, right? Her hand touched the cat's head again, mulling over what he had said. It wasn't possible that both of them had this dorm. There was some mix-up. He must be in the wrong dorm complex. But for them to get in, their keys had to work with it. And he had gotten in and so had she. That meant that both of them had to have belonged to this dorm. "I'm not living with you." She announced, pulling her phone from her pocket, prepared to contact her parents about the whole ordeal.

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He watched as she sank back down towards the floor and towards Chester. He felt a spark of jealously towards the cat but pushed the feeling away. It was just a cat. He gritted his teeth as she finally said something, something he hadn't really wanted to hear in the first place. Being selfish he didn't want to give up the small part of her he could possibly have if he had the benefit of living with her. "Come on, now. I'm sure we can work this out. You'll barely even now I'm here." He told her, knowing it was the truth. He'd likely make friends and be out partying every night, which was his usual. And right now he couldn't even consider the fact of having a new roommate that was indeed a guy.

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rimskur Her fingers hovered over the contact number that would dial to her mother's number. She had abruptly hung up on her mother earlier when she had first entered, attempting to find Dill. He was still no where to be seen but she imagined him sitting upon the window sill watching a bird happily fly by. Her eyes met back up with his, frowning slightly as she locked with his own dark eyes. Something was so familiar about his curly hair and chocolaty skin. She racked her mind for the information but to her dismay, came up with nothing that would aid her in tracing down this male. "I don't even know you. Why would I trust anything you say?" Holly wrinkled her nose, shaking her head in his direction.

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Porter watched her his gaze unwavering. As he saw a bit of uncertainty in her eyes he brought his hand up to his mouth to keep himself from smiling all too soon. He listened to what she said, finding it increasingly difficult to not say that she did know him and that she had trusted him at one point. But that would be potential suicide and both her parents and doctors had agreed that after the accident it was best not too push things onto her. "You're right you don't know me but I promise I won't do anything…" he trailed off unsure how to finish that statement before continuing with a grin. "And if you say yes to being my roomie I can make you breakfast." He said his tone light and teasing.

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rimskur Her eyes narrowed in his direction, wondering what exactly he was thinking. She didn't know him, right? He looked somewhat familiar. Maybe a vague face she had seen in a crowd. Or maybe he was someone she had seen during new student orientation, if he was even there. She somehow assumed that he wasn't one to go to lectures such as that. His claim made her feel slightly better about their situation, but she still wasn't certain about him staying in the same dorm as her. She knew for sure that once her mother and father found out, they would be furious. They had become fiercely protective of her over the last year or so. "I don't know how to cook..." She agreed with him, knowing that if he had cooked any breakfast, the fire alarms would be sure to go off.

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Porter watched to see any signs of discomfort, but mostly her gaze seemed to be questioning, if anything else. At the mention of her inability to cook he did his best not to laugh. In their previous relationship he'd always been the one to do the cooking, that or they'd go out. Despite his father having a personal chef in the house he preferred making his own dishes, unless of course he was having a party- in that case it was usually catered. "So is that a yes?" He asked with a grin, leaning back on his heels as he rose an eyebrow in question.

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rimskur Her eyes narrowed in his direction, contemplating over her answer. A home cooked meal every day? She loved breakfast. It was her favorite meal of the day. But alas, her cooking abilities were zero and no breakfast as better than burnt toast and charred eggs. She did set the stove on fire once. "Uh..." She clenched hr teeth together, trying to come up ith a nice solution. It did have its pros and cons. "Yeah, I guess so." She conceeded finally with a deep sigh.

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For a moment he thought about her parents. As long as there were no visits for them, while he was here, there would prove to be no problems. A rush of relief went through him when she agreed that they wouldn't have to make different arrangements. ¨Good.¨ He said with a small smile, taking a step forwards and lean down. He picked up Chester, laughing softly as the cat let out a small purr. ¨Besides he's probably already over-attached, we don't want to break his little heart." He said, cooeing the last words before walking into the kitchen, grabbing one of the few bowls he had brought along to fill up with water.

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rimskur It was weird how familiar all of this felt. Something kept telling her that she did know this guy. He wasn't a random stranger. But he wasn't exactly someone she had been close to either. She grew tired of attempting to figure it out. Her eyes followed him with caution, still kind of wary of him. It would take a while to get use to this. He stepped nearer, alarming her slightly, until he crouched down next to his cat. She felt the rush of relief through her veins as he stood again, transfixed with his cat. As the two stepped away to he kitchen, she glanced ariund the living room for her own cat. "Dill." She called out one last time before she heard a soft thud in the direction of his room. A soft mewl escaped the tabby's mouth as it padded out the door and to hid owner.

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Setting the bowl down on the floor he looked up as the cat came from his room, laughing softly as he straightened and stretched his back slightly. He looked around the dorm for a moment, feeling awkward only for a moment as he went over everything in his head. It was obvious she still had no clue who he was, but she also didn't have a boyfriend, which was indeed a plus. But at the same time he couldn't see himself pursuing her. He'd just been a party boy for far too long, and his only committed relationship had been with her. Shaking his head he grabbed a glass of water for himself before heading back towards his room. "Need anything, just... say the word?" He said, truly unsure of how that was phrased as he walked into his room. He landed on the bed with a sigh, grabbing his laptop as he leaned against the wall behind him- rolling his eyes in impatience as it took a few minutes for the old thing to turn on.

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rimskur Her eyes watched him warily as if he was a ghost appearing before her. This didn't seem very real. It felt like a black and white movie she was watching over and over in her mind. But there was no sound, explaining to her what the hell was going on. She saw the image of this guy whom was now her roommate but he had no connection whatsoever in her mind. "I'll call if I need you." Holly nodded her head slightly, petting the top of Dill's head. Distracted by the cat's pleasured mewls, she peered back down at him. When she looked back up, he was gone. A frown set on her lips as she picked up her cat and padded towards her own dorm room.

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(Wanna skip to later and they could go out or something???)

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rimskur ((Sure. What should they do?))

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(Um maybe Bowling, the movies or a restaurant?)

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rimskur ((Let's do a restaurant so they actually talk to each other.))

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((Alrighty. Also maybe a friend of his can be there as their waitress, and she says something accidentally 'cause she knew them when they were dating? ))

A while later Porter closed his laptop, his eyes flickering to the clock and widening in surprise as he realized a few hours had passed since he entered his room. When he felt Chester pawing at his feet he smiled slightly before sitting up. "Hungry boy?" He asked before getting up and making his way back out towards the kitchen area where he had stored the cat food away. Once the cat was settled he realized there was barely any food in the fridge. His mouth set in a straight line as he ran his fingers through his hair wondering if it was a good idea to go out.

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rimskur ((Yeah, I'm fine with that.))

In her few hours of staying at her first college dorm, she had successfully unpacked most of her items. She didn't have too much to bring in in the first place, but it had been tedious to hang every article of clothing and to organize her new bedroom. Dill's things had been settled as well in their designated areas. She showered quickly, feeling sweaty and exhausted from all the work as well as from her drive over. When she was done, she was feeling quite starved in the stomach. It was an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach that kept bothering her as she got dressed again. "Is there any food in the fridge?" Once she was decent and her hair was neatly dried on her shoulders, she called out her door to Porter.

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His gaze drifted from the floor as he heard her voice, his eyes wandering over towards her door, unable to admit he felt a bit disappointed when he saw she was still in her room. He spun back around so that he was facing the counter before answering, scrolling through his contacts quickly to see if he could make a deal with one of his friends Lizzie. "No, not really." He replied shortly as he sent her a text, biting his bottom lip as he ran his upper lip over his lip ring in boredom as he waited a moment for a reply. When he got a reply he smiled slightly before calling back out. "Wanna go out to eat?" Porter asked, having gotten a deal at a restaurant where his friend was a waitress. He could get half off the meal as her treat, only 'cause it was his first day here of course.

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rimskur Her hands moved across her desk, searching for the misplaced pieces of paper she had tossed before she went for her shower. The documents were vital for her first class here and she didn't want to miss out just because she hadn't turned the file in on time. She was crouched on the ground when she heard his reply, causing her to perk up. As she did, her head hit the roof of her desk, sending pangs through her skull. She groaned slightly, pressing her hand to her forehead before slipping out from under the table. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine with that." Holly called back out to him, rubbing her forehead as she gazed around the room again. She squealed as she finally found the documents she had been searching for, tucked besides her freshmen year's textbooks.

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Porter tensed when he heard the bang coming from her room. He took a few steps away from the counter before stopping himself at her reply. "Kay, i'm ready whenever you are." He said, unwillingly smiling as he walked back over into his room. His beanie laid on his night stand and he grabbed it before walking over towards the mirror. Looking at himself he slid it over his hair, making sure it looked halfway decent before grabbing his keys as well as his jacket, unsure of how chilly it would be outside as he made his way back out of his room.

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rimskur She blew a breath out between her teeth as she organized herself mentally and physically. It seemed that she did this too often nowadays but it was routine. Something normal for her to do while everything else may be changing around her. At Porter's response, she glanced around her room, finding her purse on her doorknob. She gave herself a cursory check up in her mirror before brushing her hair out once more. Satisfied with her appearance, she shrugged her bag over her shoulder as she slipped open the door. "Ready?" Holly kept her bedroom door opened behind her, allowing Dill to come in and out as he pleased.

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((Lol i just realized he never really told her his name >.< let's just pretend he did))

"Yup." Porter replied with a small nod of his head as he double checked to make sure he had everything. Unlike her he kept Chester in his room, unsure of how he would react with the other cat when alone. He seemed okay so far, but he generally wasn't friendly and he didn't really want to take his chances. He opened the door to the front of the dorm before looking back at her over his shoulder. "Want to take separate vehicles.. or i can give you a ride?" Porter asked, not really wanting to push anything on her.

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rimskur Her fingers tucked her hair back behind her ear as she stepped out. This all felt unusual to her. There felt like there was some tension in the room, begging her to question everything going around her. Porter looked familiar, but she didn't know who he was. Just a random guy who had accidently been paired with her as her dormmate. Swallowing, she spread a smile across her lips nodding her head. "I guess I can ride with gas and everything." Holly added on quickly, her eyebrows furrow in on her forehead as she didn't want to seem pushy. A whisper of suspicion crossed over her expression as she looked up at her mistaken roommate, unsure of why he was taking such an approach with her.

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