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Monica Does his character change? Im loving this book so far im about 30% in and i love his character please tell me he remains horrid. Im sorry i have been waiting for a character that i love to hate but also feel sorry for and he is it. He is such a complex character a rare find in fantasy. If he does i have to stop reading

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Michael T Yup, he stays awful

Monica Michael wrote: "Yup, he stays awful"

I just completed the book, couldnt put it down. I love to hate this character.

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Michael T this was one of the very few books that I didn't rate. Was not really sure what to give it. One thing is it hits the ground running.

John Vasilakis While he does grow as a character, he still remains dark and twisted.

Chappy i disagree that he is dark and twisted, much like a song of ice and fire the characters aren't good or evil, just what people are really like. granted some people aren't that bad but jorg i believe is strong and needs to act the way he does to survive in the harsh world he grew up in, especially considering he roams around with a bunch of cut throats.

Siocan While there are some minor changes in his character, he remains horribly pragmatic, which was the reason why I found him such a fascinating character.

Mitch As he develops his violence becomes a little less random. He is still ruthless, but he is much less likely to kill somebody for a slip of the tongue.

idcboobs I thought the character was great, i'll try not to spoil but the character does become a little more 'enduring' with others i guess.

still the character development is amazing throughout the second and third books, you really do feel as if Jorg grew before your eyes

Shaye His character is amazing and stays that way through the entire series. Jorg rocks. I love him.

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Iris I don't know about his staying awful (cuz I don't think he is, I think he's practical) But I can tell you that Jorg is Jorg until the very end.

David He definitely grows and changes, but he never gets "good" or goes "soft." Mostly he stops dishing out violence based on his own rage and insecurities and starts doing it purely based on practicality. He becomes less petulant, I guess. Or, in layman's terms, he stops throwing quite so many temper-tantrums, but he'll still murder a fool.

Brittany I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the fact that Jorg is real and practical in his seemingly awful choices. It's about time the protagonist wasn't a redeemable knight.

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