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What's going to happen?

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Janae Mitchell (janaemitchell) | 13 comments Mod
I've not released the official title of book three in the FOR ALWAYS series yet, thus the "???". I'm currently reviewing the first several chapters for flow & will start on Chapter 9 Monday. I'm fixing to kick it into high gear & get this book done because I can't wait for you all to read it! But then again, I don't want it to be over, either. But since Beau, Malyn, Nellie, & everyone else will for always reside in my mind, I guess it will never really be over, though, will it?
I'd love to know what you all think is going to happen. What would you LIKE to happen? (I've already written the entire book in my mind, so your answer won't affect the outcome lol.)

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Janae Mitchell (janaemitchell) | 13 comments Mod
Okay...the official title of book three is "For Eternity". I've posted the first teaser on my facebook page and readers flipped out on me, thinking I'm killing off Beau... even though he's already dead! lol Once people started commenting that I was killing them slowly, I realized that it actually WAS a sad teaser that may look like it's the end, but remember that in the book world, things aren't always what they seem. ;)

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