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criticaster | 908 comments Hullooooo ^^ You can just put Baa, haha.

So, did you have anything in mind?

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Here are ideas we could do, there are all romances though, and MxF only:
1. Best friends: Two people, a man and a women, who have been friends for years start dating. Or something like that.

2. Paranormal: Any type of paranormal romance.

3. Teacher/Student: A senor and a reassembly young teacher start to date secretly.

4. Nerd/Popular: A very unpopular kid and a popular kid start to date.

5. Used to be friends: Two people who used to be friends, meet up again and find that they have feelings for each other. Or something like that.

6. Forbidden romance: Two people who shouldn't be together are.

7. Forced Marriage: Two people who hate each other are being forced into a marriage. Though after a while they start to fall in love.

8. Married Couple: A married couple are trying to have a baby, but find that it's pretty much impossible. They have a one and a million chance of it happening. So they decide to adopt. or something like that.

9. Demon/Angel romance: An angel and a demon meet and despite their many difference they fall in love. The angel maybe the more rebellious type, but she is still good at heart. The demon is still evil, but may not be as bad as the other.

10. Haunted house: A couple of teens, like four or something, meaning I have two characters and so do you, go into a supposedly hunted house. They have always heard the house on the outskirts of town was hunted. Legend said that the house was haunted by old man Jinkins and Mordechai Murdoch and anyone who enters the house, is likely not to return. Sure there have been a few they haven’t got out safely, but they are even more that haven’t. Though those are all just stories, the teens want to see it for them selves. So they go inside planning to stay the night.

11. College: So its a large group of friends, seven or eight friends, I'm thinking they are going to be in college but they live in an apartment complex and they all live in the same building, so I was thinking four guys and four girls, and two of the girls will be dating two of the guys in the friend group. So then the other two girls and other two guys will be single, some of them party animals hooking up with different people all the time and maybe just one that's kind of not that great at talking to people, but they all hang out all the time together, and I was thinking it could take place during the summer too or during college. What do you think? We don’t have to have that many characters.

12. Vampire/Human The world is dominated by vampires, but not much is different. Way of life is near enough the same, except the vampires come out during the night and sleep during the day. They drink blood instead of water. Vampires think that Humans have been extinct for years, but what they do not know is that very small amount of Humans who have somehow survived are hiding, blending into society. He is the king of the school, she is a girl who is just trying to survive. Every day, she gets ready for the night. She pales her skin, she puts in her fake fangs, she covers up any cuts or bruises she might have. Then come nightfall, she goes out into the night with them. One night at school, he finds her in an empty classroom, changing her fangs. She didn't know he was in the room, she can't see very well in the dark which is another reason she struggles to blend in. What will he do? {Vampires has not had human blood in hundreds of years}

P.S. If you have an idea though, we can totally do that.

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criticaster | 908 comments Hm, I'd love to do either the College idea, the Vampire/Human oorrr the Teacher/Student --> I've never properly done one of those, haha.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Could we do the college one, haven't really had a good one of that one yet either? lol

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criticaster | 908 comments Sounds good to me. So, how many characters? Two girls and two boys each?

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criticaster | 908 comments Yep, I just have to post them, haha. You can go ahead and post yours, though.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
Name: Crispin Philip Arthur Russell
Nickname: Bones
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bones has brown hair and green eyes.
 photo giphy_zpsaeb87ab1.gif
(view spoiler)
Personality: Bones is kind and caring, though he is also easily angered. He never really stays mad very long, and he would never hurt anyone that he loved. Bones is loyal and honest. He does his best to keep the promises he makes and he very protect of the people he cares about. He is fun and funny. He is just a total guff ball who is barely ever serious, he is just always joking around. Though when he is being serious he doesn't take any crap from anyone, he just all business. He is also a daredevil, if you dare him to do something he will most likely do it. He usually acts on impulse and doesn't always think things through.
Other: People call him Bones, because when he was younger, he broke a lot of bones, and he still does once in a while.
Crispin always wears a silver ring on the ring finger of his right hand he never takes it off: (view spoiler)
He wears this bracelet on his right wrist: (view spoiler)

Name: BriLynn Shishicova
Nickname: Bree Or Lynn
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: She has dark brown hair and brown eyes
(view spoiler)
Personality: Bree is free spirited, and strong headed. She doesn't care what other people think about her. She's kind of a rebel and she had a lot of flings, some would even call her a slut, but she doesn't care what others think so id doesn't bother her. Bree is kind and caring though she is easily angered. Though most of the time it's easy to calm her back down. She's always joking around and is barely ever completely serious, like in a business sort of way.
Other: She always has this necklace on. She never takes it off.
(view spoiler)


Name: Niklaus
Nicknames: Nik or Klaus
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair and light blue eyes
Personality: Nik is a a kind hearted person, but he also get’s mad easily. He is always partying and always getting into fights. He sleeps around, but as never cheated on a women. He doesn’t believe in rules he loves breaking them. He’s sarcastic, and sometimes a jerk, but really isn’t that bad of a guy.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
Name: Anastasiya Chernicova
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Anastasiya hair dark brown/black and blue/gray eyes.
 photo tumblr_lkpibs2ghC1qdxtkfo1_500_zps4dbc7356.jpg
(view spoiler)
Personality: Anastasiya is a head strong and caring women. She doesn’t give up easily and she usually gets what she wants. Though she’s not spoiled. She is easily angered and not very easily settled. Anastasiya's not one to follow the rules, she just loves breaking them. She's honest and loyal though, and she always does her best to keep a promise she makes. She makes sarcastic jokes to hide her true feelings and just loves joking around in general. She really not the serious type, but can be very serious when she needs to be. She’s only this way around people she trusts or knows well though. Around other people, she’s shy and clumsy. So she’s made out to be a nerd because she’s socially awkward around people she doesn’t really know or trust.
Other: Anastasiya's mother was Russian, but her father was English/British. She has a small Russian accent. Her father died when she was three.
She is always wearing this necklace. She never takes it off.
(view spoiler)
Bracelet: She is always wearing this bracelet. She never takes it off.
(view spoiler)
Earrings: She is always wearing these earrings. She never takes them off.
(view spoiler)
Glasses: She needs them to see, so she’s always wearing them.
(view spoiler)
A tattoo she got for her eighteenth birthday.
(view spoiler)

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criticaster | 908 comments
ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇlincoln trey harper
ᴀ ɢ ᴇtwenty-one years of age
ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ

ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀtba [ or edited ]

ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇhailey anne harper
ᴀ ɢ ᴇnineteen years of age
ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ

ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀtba [ or edited ]

ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇmark-andré marcoux-winston
ᴀ ɢ ᴇtwenty years of age
ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ

ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀtba [ or edited ]

ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇzoey alexandra price
ᴀ ɢ ᴇtwenty years old
ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ

ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀtba [ or edited ]

I'll edit them later, but I have the skeletons up.

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criticaster | 908 comments Hum, well I planned for Zoey and Lincoln to be the ones who got around a lot and for Mark and Hailey to be the ones in relationships, but that's just me. I'm open to change.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments Yeah that cool, because Nik and Bree, are the ones who sleep around, and Anastasiya and Crispin are relationship people.
Crispin - Haily - together
Anastasiya - Mark - together

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criticaster | 908 comments Yep, sounds good. I don't know how we want to start this, though. Do you want to start and I'll follow suit? Or..?

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments BriLynn walked tiredly up the stairs to her apartment. She was just returning from a night of partying, that lead her to going to another guys house. She doesn't remember his name, but she had fun with him. He was actually quiet good in bed, from what she remembered anyway. He is at least in her top fifteen best sexual conquests.

Bree looked down at herself, her clothes were wrinkle from being taken off in a hurry and thrown to the floor. Her hair was wet from taking a shower. She didn't usually take a shower at the guys place, but her hair was covered in his semen and she really did feel like waiting to wash it out. Besides she also didn't want to go outside like that. She might not care what other people thought of her, but that was pushing it, even for someone like her.


Anastasiya slumped down on her couch with absolutely nothing to do. Today was her day off of work and she didn't have any classes either. With a small sigh she turned on her T.V. their wasn't really anything on though, so she turned it off. She stood up and started pacing, not having the slightest idea of what she should do. Pacing usually helped her thing, but right now her mind was still drawing up blank.


Crispin was outside working on his new motorcycle. He had just bought it a week ago and it needed some repairs. He bought it that way on propose though, because he liked working on cars and motorcycles. His favorite brand was Harley Davidson, though. Which was the type he is working on now.

Crispin was wearing his mechanicy clothes. A white cut off tang top that showed his muscles quiet nicely hand it has grease stains all over it. he wore blue jeans that had a a hole at one of the knees and that also had a few grease stains. His hands were covers in grease at the moment. He also had a small spot of grease on his left check.


Niklaus was deep asleep in his bed. He is a very heavy sleeper and could sleep through almost anything. Including girls sneaking out of his place at night, which has happened on occasion, and tonight. He had been at the same party as BriLynn and he left with a girl. He brought her back to his place and they talked for a bit, drank a little more and then had sex. She left sometime around nine in the morning when she woke up. Leaving Nik still asleep in his bed.

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criticaster | 908 comments ((Wait, are they all living in the same apartment or no?))

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criticaster | 908 comments ((Okay, so, who's living with whom? Or are they all living alone?))

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments ((Maybe Anastasiya and Zoey live together. Lincoln and Crispin live together. Mark and Nik live together.))

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criticaster | 908 comments Sorry I can't roleplay at this exact moment. It's late and I'm too tired to write anything. Please don't do that every hour. It really gets on my nerves.

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criticaster | 908 comments
Having taken a nice liking to sleeping in, Lincoln was, evidently, still dozing in his bed, more than hungover. There was nothing he wanted more than to sink into his mattress and disappear forever. He was hungover but held a clear memory of what he'd done last night, and it truly wasn't something he wanted to re-live. He hadn't meant for it to happen and neither had she, but they'd wound up at the same bar and nobody seemed more interesting than her yesterday. Maybe it was her teasing miniskirt or the way she seemed to 'accidentally' touch him while they'd been dancing together. In any case, the only comfort he felt was that Zoey was probably feeling the same way. The thought of Zoey brought the vague memory that he had to get up anyway; he had a few classes today. Fuck. Groaning loudly in his pillow, he threw the blanket over his body and managed to rise from his bed, much like a zombie, mind you. He dragged his feet out of his bedroom and to the kitchen, downing a glass of water, and then another one.

What the fuck was he going to do with this hangover?

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Hailey had always been an early bird. Whether it was because her mother had always woken her and her brother up for morning prayers or because the brunette simply enjoyed being able to sit in her living room and watch the sun awaken, she was always up at crazy early hours. However, now afternoon was beginning to roll in and she was at the local coffee shop, watching the young girl pack the box of donuts she'd ordered for no reason other than to please her friends. It never hurt, right? It'd been awhile since the whole of them had gathered and simply hung out; she thought it'd be nice. She knew Lincoln had a few classes but they weren't until later (she was pretty sure), so they'd have plenty of time to hang out.

Once she was out, she made her way back to the apartment block where she caught sight of Crispin. An immediate smile appeared on her face and her pace quickened slightly. “Hello, handsome,” She chirped, standing in front of his motorcycle, looking at him with a small grin.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Much like his sister, Mark was also out and about, however, he'd taken his morning energy on a nice jog through the rather large park as well as a few miles down the highway. He was on his way back now, sweat coating his skin, his breath heavily laboured. The sun beat down on his shoulders, promising a sunburn because the man had never been one for sunscreen, no matter how pale he was. He burnt easily but never learned his lesson. The apartment block was in sight, something Mark was extremely grateful for. What he'd do for a cold shower right now (and not for any other reason other than to cleanse his body of the perspiration, mind you).

He finally got in through the back and ran up the stairs, not thinking that his flat was the third door down the left on the second floor. He walked in, seeing as he hadn't bothered locking it when he'd left earlier this morning, and didn't hesitate to jump in the shower. Five minutes was all he needed (once again, to wash his body off). He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist, his hair lazily over his left eye. Net on his list was a certain his list. He sauntered into his room and grabbed his phone off of his bed. Immediately he sent a text to Ana, a faint smile gracing his lips. Good morning x]

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

God fucking dammit how could she have been so stupid as to have let the both of them get it on in her car? Zoey groaned, letting the warm water flush out the embarrassment and leftovers from last night. “It's okay,” She mumbled aloud to herself, knowing Bri was out, probably still asleep in some guy's bed. Damn how she wished she could be in the girl's place right now. Anything than the fuzzy memories of Mark, of all people hovering on top of her. Deciding that she'd considerably raised their hydro bill, Zoey turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She dried herself off and slipped on the pair of sweats and her college hoodie. Her wet, bleach blonde hair fell over her shoulders as they set out to dry.

The only makeup Zo applied was foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Today, she decided was a lazy day. She had nothing which meant she had absolutely no need to glam herself up. Fuck the world, especially after last night. Slightly moody, the blonde headed out in the living room and crashed on the couch with a grunt, reaching for the remote to turn the television on.

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 4145 comments BriLynn made it back to her place and went straight to her room. She quickly stripped out of her slutty dress and put on something comfortable. Like fluffy pajama pants and an over sized T-shirt some guy forgot at her place. Then she crawled into bed and tried to sleep. There hadn't been much sleeping the night before.

Anastasiya heard her phone ring, meaning she had a text. It was in her bed room though she got up off the couch and went to her room. She frowned slightly when she walked into her room though. She room was kind of messy and she didn't know where her phone was. She with a sigh she started picking up clothes and throwing them aside. She didn't find it until she just laid on the floor in defeat and happened to see her phone under her bed. She smiled and reached under to grabbed it. She looked to see who text her and smiled when she saw it was Mark. Morning. How was you're run? she said back.


Crispin was just finishing up what he could do at the moment with his motorcycle when Hailey walked up and said hello. He smiled up at her and then straighten up and grabbed a dirtied rag. "Hey, beautiful" he said and wiped his greasy hands on the rag. "What do ya got there" he asked, meaning the box of donuts.


Nik finally woke up and pulled himself out of bed. Then with a groan he rubbed the tired out of his eyes and walked into the bathroom. He didn't need to strip before he hopped into the shower because he was already naked. Once he was done he quickly dried himself off and went back to his room with a towel around his waist.

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