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The Sorcerer Heir

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Cinda (weirweaver) | 155 comments Mod
We have a NEW release date for The Sorcerer Heir.
Coming your way 21 October 2014
Mark Your Calendars and
Keep an Eye Out for the Cover Reveal

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Sam (sam_ekberg) | 621 comments I saw that on Facebook.

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 5 comments I chapter 1 of the Sorcerer Heir is out!!

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam (sam_ekberg) | 621 comments

message 5: by Cinda (new)

Cinda (weirweaver) | 155 comments Mod
The Warrior Heir is Booksplosion July Book of the Month!
If you've been thinking about reading The Heir Chronicles, now might be a good time to begin! The Warrior Heir is the book of the month at Booksplosion, and there will be a live show August 2. Find them on Twitter, Pinterest, and the discussion on Goodreads here


message 6: by Cinda (new)

Cinda (weirweaver) | 155 comments Mod
It's Warrior Week during the World of Weir Blog Tour! Check out the warrior playlist over at Spotify here and let me know what you think

RivieraBloodhart | 1 comments hi Cinda! I know this is like, a year after this, but I live in Malaysia and I couldn't find The Sorcerer Heir anywhere here... Is it available here? Becuase I've also asked my sis to look for it and she can't find the book, too.

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