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You find out that your boyfriend cheated on you. You...
A. Punch him in the face and then just leave
B. spend a week crying about how you loved him
C. Don't really care
D. It would be selfish to cry, you leave it alone

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Lied (lied) B

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You are stuck in a room that has no exits. The only things in the room are cheese and a knife. You...
A. Devise an intense escape plan
B. eat the cheese so you don't starve
C. Attack the wall by punching and stabbing it
D. Jut sit there and wait

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Lied (lied) B

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You see a kid getting beat up. You...
(Write in answer)

message 6: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) Run to the kid and his beaters and say: "Guys why do you do this. What did this boy do to you? He did not deserve this whatever he did. No one deserves to be beaten. If there's something you don't like, you talk about it. And make peace. Fighting solves nothing okey! So shake hands and say sorry!"

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Lied (lied) All this time staying very nice and calm!

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You got divergent for amity and candor

message 9: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) What do i do now?

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Add it to your character

message 11: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) I've done that! Can I now start Rolplaying?
I'm sorry I've never done this before!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeh you can rp now :) but the choosing ceremony won't start for a little while

message 13: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) And in what thread?

message 14: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) So just in Candor!

message 15: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) Thanx for testing me and answering my annoying questions!

message 16: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell Well there is the RP request thread where you can request for a partner and there's the school folder where every faction can be there

message 17: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) Thanx Fong! I will look there right away!

message 18: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell I can RP with you too if you like

message 19: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) I would like that! Where do you want to do that?

message 20: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell How's about the English class?

message 21: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) Allright see you there! :)

message 22: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell So who's post first?

message 23: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) You?

message 24: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell Ok!

message 25: by Bloodyhell (new)

Bloodyhell I posted it

message 26: by Lied (new)

Lied (lied) I answered :p

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