Dissolution (Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen, #1) Dissolution question

war of the spider queen affects the following drizzt books?
José Daniel José Daniel May 03, 2014 10:37AM
I have been reading Drizzt books for a little while in as much order as I can/want. I found out that if I skipped the Cleric's Quintet there would be some spoliers on the Legacy of the Drow series. Now I'm getting close to the point where I have to decide if I read the War of the Spider Queen series along the Drizzt books or if I leave it for later.

So, how much do this two series affect each other? Is there something a would miss by skipping it and coming to it later? Is there something that would be spoiled from this serie from the other Drizzt books?

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the series in a time line of events take place after Drizzt series. I am not sure if Drizzt series has caught up to where in history this series takes place because I am only on the ending of the Orc King. google Drizzt and war of the spider queen and a wikki page should have a timeline of events for you.

I found this series before the Drizzt series. this series does contain some spoilers but nothing to heart shattering. as Anne said it give insight into Menzoberranzan and the Drow society. It adds depth to a world, both the Underdark and above ground. I wish I could tell you more bout the series but it would just spoil it for you.

The WAR OF THE SPIDER QUEEN shall always hold a special place in me heart as it was the first series I read as an adult and it helped improved my reading to where I got me GED.

I hope you get this series and enjoy it as much as I do.

This series has nothing much to do with Drizzt and though each book in the series of 5 are done by different authors it is a continuing story. I found they gave me much more insight into Drizzt's home. I read The War of the Spider Queen well after reading a lot of the Drizzt novels only because that was when I found them and can't remember them spoiling the rest of the Drizzt novels I read after

A character from War recently showed in a very recent Drizzt book, albeit as a minor character. Other than that, it was just adding to the FR/drow universe.

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