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halfway though (no spoilers please)

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Morgan I'm halfway through this book and so far I do NOT love it. This one has just not captured my attention the way that the past three books have. I LOVED the past three books. This book has actually bored me into a reading slump. All I want to know is if this book gets any better. If it just sucks the whole way through, is the next book at least good? Please no spoilers. Thanks

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood It starts out a little slow and picks up more towrdes the end of it. But yes it does get better.

message 3: by Ken (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ken I actually have the same problem, I'm half way into it, I was REALLY bored. But I can't read the City of Lost Souls, if I don't finish this one. The City of Lost Souls from what I've heard is one of the far best books in the Mortal Instruments. Besides, the City of Fallen Angels isn't as long as the others anyway.

message 4: by Naomi (last edited May 04, 2014 12:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Naomi Speakman City of Lost Souls is definitely, by far the best book in the series.
City of Fallen Angels is extremely boring, I'll hold my hands up and admit that. But you just have to bear with, because by the end you will be craving to get your hands on City of Lost Souls. Trust me.
City of Fallen Angels is more like a filler, if you know what I mean. As in, when we read City of Heavenly Fire, the events that took place in City of Fallen Angels will make sense.
Just keep reading. It's worth it :)

Hazar Mobarkey This book is motherfucking dang AWESOME!!

Veronica it took a longtime to finish COFA and after 8 chapters in COLS i gave up. i will pick it up once COHF releases. point is i hate the idea of 3 extra books after COG, also it is without a proper story.

Naomi Speakman It has an entire new storyline

Jacque This was actually my favorite... Well, a tie with City of Lost Souls

Morgan I finally finished this book. I really enjoyed it near the end, it just took some time for me to get into it. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Going to start on City of Lost Souls right now.

Naomi Speakman Maia and Jordan piss me off in CoLS.

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Rose Ya CoFA isn't as good as the previous books in TMI series but I loved COLS .......... :))
Now just can't wait anymore for COHF * sigh sigh * !

Naomi Speakman 3 DAYS!!!
Oh my god!!

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Jess I have read all of them. Just a couple more days until Mortal Instruments City of Heavenly Fire. Finally we will find out what will happen with Sebastian. (He will probably die)

Naomi Speakman I think Cassie will spare him.

Naomi Speakman I'm not ruining it.

Victoria I just love all of the bokks. COHF was my fav

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