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As Anna Malfoy was about to sit down in front of the fire-place she got interrupted, once again. This time by her brother. She didn't bother looking up, or letting him know she was aware of his presence behind her. All she did, was sit down in the armchair, fold one leg over the other and open her care of magical creatures book she still had from third grade. "Why are you soaking wet?" Scorpius asked, his brows furrowed and his lips pursed in a straight line. "A, none of your business. B, why should you care?" Anna replied in a venomous tone that earned her a glare from her brother, not that she chose to notice or care. "I am your brother, which gives me a right to be concerned about you!" He shot back. "Ha! If you keep spitting lies I'll die of laughter!" Anna chuckled dryly. "What the- Anna, I am being serious. Where did you go?" "It's none of your damn business!" "It is! Now tell me where you went!" Scorpius demanded, his anger starting to get the better of him. Anna too got angry and shot from her chair, sending her book to the floor narrowly missing the green flames that burnt in the hearth. "I was out in the fores, if you must know! Doing some research for my project!" Scorpius's face fell, then went pale with anger. "You what?! What if you had gotten hurt!? What if you got lost- Damn you, Anna! It's forbidden to go out to the forest, alone and at night!" He said, his voice rising causing some of the first years to wake up. "Why do you suddenly care? Is it because mother and father would through a fit if I went missing?! You, of all people should know better!" She spat. "What are you talking about Anna?! You know damn well that they would start panicking!" "Yes, and they would blame you! You're just worried about yourself you obnoxious, selfish boy!" Anna replied then scooped up her book and stormed out of the common room, up the staircase that lead to the girls dorm and slammed the door behind her, leaving her brother in a state of shock, anger and hurt.

((Damn, I did not expect that to be that long o.O))

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