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Scorpius Malfoy, the boy that always had a come-back, the boy who always has a smirk on his face was not that boy today. His argument with his sister still rang in his ears; ""Why do you suddenly care? Is it because mother and father would through a fit if I went missing?! You, of all people should know better!" "What are you talking about Anna?! You know damn well that they would start panicking!" "Yes, and they would blame you! You're just worried about yourself you obnoxious, selfish boy!" His brow furrowed and he pursed his lips in a straight line and his eyes downcast, forlorn

His fists clenched and un-clenched into fists in his trouser pockets. He brushed past people and trudged down the staircase, ignoring the fact that people were gaping at him with confusion and mild amusement. He took a ragged breath as the argument played through in his mind once more. Did his sister really mean what she said? Was she okay? Did something happen? What did I do to make her upset? All of these questions swirled through his head as his footsteps echoed through the empty hallway he was walking down.

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Scorpius heard another set of footsteps, light ones and immediately his hands clenched into tight fists, causing his knuckles to turned white. I swear if it's Anna- He said and looked up. His eyes filled with anger, hurt and malice that he was trying very hard to ignore. As he spotted Al walking towards him with a strange expression on his pale face. His hands relaxed but they shook ever so slightly as he stuffed them into his pockets. His signature smirk on his face, though it seemed forced. "Hey-" As he started talking his voice cracked slightly and he felt his throat close up with unshead tears. This caused Scorpius to feel shock that Anna's words would cause him to act like he was. He cleared his throat and started again, "Hello my dear Albus!"

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Scorpius glanced at Al warily and concern flashed across his face. "Albus, is something wrong?" He asked gently as he saw his friend shake his head for the second time in a minute. Something must be wrong, the Malfoy thought and walked over to him. At the question about classes he waved his hand dismissively and sighed, "The same, boring, jotting down notes, getting threatened to be sent to detention in the- Well, in the forest." He said, hesitating before he said the word forest. His sister had been in the forest, at night, alone, without supervision and in the rain. He stood up straighter, like he always did when annoyed. His eyes landed on Al once more and repeated the question, "Are you alright, Albus?"

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Scorpius nodded and gave his friend a small smile before looking out the window. Rain smacked against the glass relentlessly as thunder rumbled and lightening crossed the sky like a bullet. The light from the lightening caused Scorpius's features to look dark and cold and for a split second, he looked like the perfect reflection of Draco Malfoy, his father. His attention was drawn to Al once again and he scoffed, "Yeah, perfectly fine." He lied through his teeth and patted Albus on the hair. "Just fine.."

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Scorpius let out a laugh and dropped his arm to his side. Then as the words left his friends lips, his laughing stopped and he turned to him with a blank expression. "Go on." He said softly. "It's better to get it out your system now rather than later." He spoke softly, then kept his mouth shut as he listened. "Oh, I'll make sure to send her a card." He joked and nudged his friend. "Well, I fought with Anna if that helps." He muttered.

((Sorry fr the shortness gotta go eat dinner^^))

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"Yeah, siblings." Scorpius muttered sourly once he thought Al was gone, but the words echoed through the semi-empty hallway. He kept standing in front of the window, he stared out of it intently then his eyes widened slightly then narrowed in anger. "That stubborn brat!" He spat and turned on his heel and ran down the hallway in the opposite direction. He had seen the small frame of his sister, who else would be out at the time of day, in this sort of weather? Then he realized he was running the wrong way, profanities left his mouth as he turned around and ran toward Al.

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Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Yeah, okay got to go!" He barked then ran away from his friend. Minutes later he was outside and looking around wildly. Little did he know, someone was watching him. "Anna!" He yelled, but the wind carried his cries away. "Anna?" He asked then wrapped his arms around himself and looked up at the woods then took a breath and went into the forest in search of his troubled sister.

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((I am having writers block >.<))

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((I'm debating between Scorp not coming back for a day or two with Anna, or coming back with Anna with scratches and anger management issues because of Ann. :/))

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((Thanks... wait~ Chummy chum? XD))

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((I wasn't laughing... pfft. I think it's adorable anyway. Well, I'll have my reply up in a minute, since I have decided.))

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It took seven hours for Scorpius to find his sister. And when he finally did, she was not in the best condition; she had scratches on her left cheek, a bruise blooming above her eyebrow and a cut running across her bottom lip. The Malfoy boy didn't have time to interrogate his sister, or demand answers since the second he grabbed a hold of her shoulder, a swarm of centaurs came running after them. In Scorpius's mind, centaurs were usually very peaceful and intelligent creatures. But that's when they weren't at war with one another.

Caught in the middle of a battle full of hooves and bows, Scorpius got battered and bruised almost as badly as his sister, almost. Once the siblings finally managed to crawl away from the neighing half horse half men they decided to head back home, well, Scorpius did. But how could they do that if they were lost? With no patronus or light to guide them, the siblings walked through the eerie forest. It took them an extra four hours to get out the damned forest. And when they did they walked up towards the main doors to Hogwarts, the sun up high in the sky.

"Scorpius?" Anna asked her brother hesitantly, since the whole trip he had been silent, but she knew by his body-language he was hurt physically and was beyond anger. "What?" He said, his voice calm and sharp, with a very icy edge to his words. Anna blinked once, then twice. Never had she ever seen her brother this angry, ever. "What is the matter?" She asked bluntly, shaking her head and jogging after him. Scorpius snorted, the afternoon sun making his appearance look even more tired and angry then before. "What's wrong? Absolutely nothing!" He snapped and kept on walking ignoring his sister's fault in her step.

They both went separate ways start they entered hogwarts. Anna went to astronomy while Scorpios climbed the staircase that led down to the 'cellar' of the school to go to Potions class. Though right now, he was no in the mood for anymore people yapping in his ear.

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((idk. I just had an idea and I wrote it down. Ill just edit that's the they went to class.))

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((I don't understand what you're saying.))

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