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Discuss Percy Jackson here. Stay on topic. No spamming. If you start to spam, a mod will ask you to move to Chat and your off topic posts will be deleted.

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Love it! Has anyone got any theories for the Blood of Olympus

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H :) | 8 comments Best series ever :) I love Percy and Annabeth and Tyson and Poseidon and Luke and Thalia and Hazel and Chiron and I should probably stop now... :P

No not really... Do you? O.o I just hope Percabeth is ok, lolz. I think they will be :) But Nico or Leo might dieee... :'( Idk. What do you think? @Emily

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I think Nico might die too. Not trying to sound rude but I think Nico might actually be happier in the Underworld than alive so if he dies I wouldn't be too sad. I may lose it if Leo dies. TEAM LEO!!!

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