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Odette Speex: Time Traitors Book I
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Odette Speex Time-Traveling Ballerina!!

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message 1: by Padgett (last edited May 03, 2014 07:55AM) (new)

Padgett Lively Odette Speex: Time Traitors Book 1 is available for 99 cents for a limited time beginning Saturday, May 3.

A toxic smog hangs permanently over twenty-first-century New York City. The revolutionary movements of the late eighteenth century never materialized, and the great city is part of a vast British Empire. Its teeming underclass struggles daily to survive. Odette Speex is among them. A talented ballerina, her defiant spirit chafes at the unyielding tyranny of the nobility. Unbeknownst to her, she lives in a terribly distorted world. One created by an unscrupulous fellowship. They are the reason her genius twin brother, Odell, is acting more than usually cold and distant. He draws Odette into a time-traveling conspiracy that saw the defeat of the American Revolution and crushed the advances of the Enlightenment. Thrust back to 1757 London, Odette must avert the murder of an important colonial diplomat and stop the shadowy brotherhood from destroying history’s march toward progress.

Thank you, P.Lively

message 2: by Padgett (new)

Padgett Lively While Odette Speex: Time Traitors Book 1 is no longer on reduced sale, its original price is still only $2.99!! For little more than the cost of a pack of gum, Odette Speex: Time Traitors Book 1 will:

*Make you forget you are in the middle seat on a 6 hour cross-country flight
*Promote family harmony on a long car ride
*Transport you to an alternate reality and, then, on a fast-paced historical adventure (not literally, but definitely figuratively, which is way better)

Check it out:

Thanks, p.lively

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