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Hello!!! So I had an idea that I've been wanting to do with someone who is Detailed, but before I give it to you....what kind of Rp's do you like to do?

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Okay awesome! So I've been wanting to do....

-Character A is a Red Riding Hood type girl.
-Character B is a Human-Wolf hybrid.
-Not like a werewolf or anything, but like he was genetically altered to work as a more effective special operative. He has slightly sharper teeth, the canines especially. He can run faster, jump a little higher, see, hear, and smell better, and fight really well.
-They meet up because his task force wants her for some reason (not really sure what, I got to think up a plot) and he deceives her...but then...he starts to develop feelings for her.
-He ends up protecting her and falling in love with her.

I like to keep my RP's pg-13... No
-really gorey content
That ok with you?

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Yeah, sure! So just try to keep a Red Riding Hood theme and I'll keep a wolf theme to mine. Ages around 18 ok? Like maybe 17 for her and 18 for him?

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I'll try to make him really quick, but I don't have a ton of time right now.... I'll try to get him done real quick though :)

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I'm going to have to do mine later! So sorry! I tend to make my characters pretty detailed and I have a really good idea for him template ;) it might take a while, but you won't be disappointed!

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Status: Special Operative
Efficiency: 100%
Modification Status: Complete

Full Name: Tyler James Luxe
Codename: Wolf

Age: 18
Birthday: December 21, 1995



Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Golden Hazel with Amber Flecks
Height: 6' 1
Build: Muscular



-The Color Red
-Open Spaces (nowhere to hide)
-Being Vulnerable

-Sight, Hearing, Scent


-Sharp Canines

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Yeah, do you want to post first?

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Wolf trailed through the streets looking for the girl that the Agency had asked him to track. He'd narrowed down her location to a small town in Paris. He was hot on her trail, he could tell. The picture they'd given him was blurry and unfocused, but the red hood she wore was a dead giveaway. He read a hand through his dark hair and accidentally forgot he had a hood pulled up over his head. He knocked it off and pulled it up crazy fast, his superhuman abilities kicking in.

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Wolf's eyes had already started adjusting to the darkness that began to creep through the streets, much faster than any normal human's could. He continued to scan the street as he walked, keeping his head low. He spotted a red hood and his hear started pounding in his chest. It wasn't the girl that was frightening him, it was her hood. The color red just set him off for some reason.... He quickened his pace and fell into step a couple of feet behind her and to the right.

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Wolf watched the girl with his razor sharp vision, watching for any signs that she might try to flee. She stopped suddenly, but he couldn't. It would have been too obvious. And then, she turned around. He was met with the face of a girl who couldn't be much younger than him. She had Snow White hair and it contrasted with the red of her hood, which still made him uncomfortable. He smiled, careful not to show his teeth and gave a small wave. He could hear the fear in her soft spoken voice. "Hi, I'm afraid I'm lost...perhaps you can help me?" He asked, putting on a face of worry and anxiety. Oh, he was very good at deception.

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((I know, I'm just elaborating ;) lol))

Wolf kept up his act and he could tell it was working perfectly. "Well, you see... I came to surprise one of my old friends from when I was younger. She would be an older woman now, and I don't know exactly where she lives.... Somewhere in this town is all I know.." He said, shrugging his shoulders. He was referring to her grandmother. Could he really pull one over on this girl? Yeah, definitely.

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Wolf would have shaken the girls hand, but her red hood was causing his hands to shake. He despised the color so much. He nodded as she spoke. "My name is Tyler, but me Wolf." He told her honestly. Once he got to her house with her grandmother, everything would eventually come out anyway, so why lie? He couldn't find a reason.

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He had to suppress a wicked grin before he spoke again. He did so without any signs of it ever coming to his lips. "Well...I know she lives with her daughter and granddaughter." He said, glancing down at her to see if she'd caught his drift. "It would just be the three of them I think." He told her, looking straight ahead now. He could hear her breathing in his ears, but not because he was really close. He could smell the fear on her and he could see the slight tremble in her body. She was still afraid. What was he doing wrong?

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Wolf could smell her fear growing stronger as he spoke and when she bolted a grin spread across his face, showing all of his teeth including the sharp canines. He ran after her, easily catching her and grabbing her wrist. He spun her around to face him and she slammed into his chest but his grip did not falter. "I believe you were supposed to take me somewhere." He said, his voice dropping all of the act he'd put on.

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Wolf held the girl close, not giving her any chance to get away. Not that she stood any chance at all against him. He smiled at her question. "What do I want? Well...I already told you. I want you to help me." He said, feigning the anxious face he'd worn earlier. "I'm lost." He told her and then he laughed, throwing his head back and everything. He returned his gaze to her, his hazel eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

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Wolf listened as she yelled at him and spoke of what she should have done. "Well yes, but you didn't do those things so there's no point in tal-" he stops as he feels her head fall against his chest. His breathe catches in his throat and he goes ridged. She was touching him. Then he heard her pleads, her begging him and then she used his name. Well, his Codename. Something shifted inside of him in that moment. What was that ache in his chest? He looked down at her and could see tears streaking her face through her blonde hair. He felt....guilty. He had made her cry. "Red, I'm not going to kill you." He told her, trying to calm her down.

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Wolf almost couldn't stand her crying anymore. It was breaking his heart,the one he'd worked so hard to steel away from all emotions. He looked down into her blue eyes and his expression softened. "No, I'm not." He repeated, but he didn't answer either of her other questions. "I need to speak with your Grandmother." He told her.

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Wolf kept his expression stone when she agreed to take him to see her grandmother. He released her and followed along, but he kept his eyes on her at all times. He needed to make sure she didn't try to run or anything, but he didn't really think she would anyway. Either way, it wouldn't matter. He could catch her easily. He kept his eyes open and his head clear as he anticipated the meeting he was about to have.

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Wolf entered into Red's home without any hesitation or fear. With his genetic modifications, he could go up just about anything. He looked around and smelled discreetly. He was looking for the grandmother. He didn't have time to sit around and have a cup of tea or whatever. He was growing quite impatient. But one look at Red sent him back to a calm and patient state.

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Wolf suppressed a menacing smile when she asked what he wanted. "I want information." He told her simply. "I want to know about her." He said, pointing to Red. For some reason or another, his Unit wanted information about Red, specifically her blood line. There were suspicions going around that her father had hidden something in her DNA about what he had been working on. What was he working on? Super soldiers, that's what.

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Wolf tilted his head to the side and his neck cracked. He straightened his back and looked past Red and at her grandmother. "I'm not here to play games. I want the information. What did he leave with her?" He asked his death stare on full force now. He could feel Red's eyes on him, but he needed to focus. She was such a distraction with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Wolf was supposed to bring back the information about Red, but if the information was inside of her.... Then all he needed was her. "Well then, I suppose I'll be taking her with me." He said with no emotion in his voice at all. He made his way across the room and grabbed Red. He was trying to scare her grandmother into giving him anything else, but if what she'd said was true then the Agency would want Red and it was his job to provide her to them.

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((Her father left a genetic equation in her's the key to unlocking the formula for the perfect soldier...))

Wolf saw the gun in the woman's hands and he heard the grandmother call her a dog. He smiled, showing all of his teeth. "You call me a dog, but that is far from what I am." He said, almost an amused tone to his voice. He lunged for the woman with the gun and easily took it from her and pushed her away. He grabbed Red around her waist and held her up against him and rested the gun against her head. She was now his hostage.

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Wolf backed up with the girl, towards the door. "We're leaving and if any of you try to stop us...well you can take a guess what will happen." He said, putting his finger on the trigger and daring any of them to move. "You'd be surprised what my Agency can do..." He said. Maybe they couldn't get it out of her, but perhaps he could and if all else fails his Agency could.

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Wolf didn't have time to deal with her family. He backed out of the room completely and took a Red to the front door. He had to put the gun down to open the door, and when he did he didn't bother picking it back up. He himself was a weapon. He opened the door and exited with the girl still held tight against his body. He could feel her panting and he knew it was from fear. He felt guilty, remembering her begging him not to take her but this was his job. This is what he came here to do.

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Wolf held her tight as she kicked and screamed. She couldn't get away from him even if she tried. He knew that and so did she. "I'm just following orders." He told her. "And of you would stop freaking out we could actually make some progress." He told her, then he felt her head against his chest. She was crying again and it was his fault....again. "Red, please. Calm down." He said as softly as he could.

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Wolf was definitely hurt on the inside, but he didn't let it show. "It's not my job to care about you." He said and then he started walking again, waiting for her to follow. He wasn't going to drag her somewhere unless he absolutely had to. He turned around after a few steps and watched her silently, waiting for her to come. Her blonde hair was shining in the pale light of the moon and he suppressed a smile.

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Wolf turned around and got super close to Red. "You don't know anything about me..." He told her. He said that because she had hurt him. He did care about people, but his missions came first. Always. He wasn't sure why she set him off so much. He felt weaker around her...more vulnerable.

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Wolf tried super hard to focus. Who did he care about? What was he thinking? He didn't have to answer to her. He moved closer, standing directly in front of her, his stance radiating with power, strength and authority. "You don't know me and you certainly don't know my Agency. They made me who I am today and I owe them everything." He told her with a snarl.

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Wolf nodded and continued walking. "I'm taking you to the college a couple miles from here. They have an extensive chemistry lab that I believe will come in handy." He told her. He was planning on examining her blood, trying to find the secret message her father had hidden there. That was his mission and that's what he would do.

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Wolf listened to her soft voice. It brought him warmth in contrast to the harsh, cold wind that was blowing around them. "At the lab? No, it will just be you and me there..." He told her calmly. He wasn't taking her to the Agency yet, but honestly he didn't know what they would do to her there to try and get the information from her body. He didn't want think about it either. Hopefully he could find it out so he wouldn't even have to take her there.

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Wolf went completely rigid when he felt her fingers intertwine with his. His touch did something to him, every time. He couldn't pin point exactly what it was she did, but it certainly had an...interesting effect. He stayed a little stiff, not used to touching anyone...well besides attacking someone, but this....this was different.

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Wolf listened as she spoke. "Yes, that's what I meant." He said, answering her question. But her next question...that was a tougher one. Her soft smile and the pressure she added to their intertwined hands made his heart stop. What was she doing to him. "I did, but I don't have contact with them anymore." He told her surprised he was even talking about it.

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Wolf felt her grip on his hand tighten. It only made him feel more..weird. He looked at her and could tell she was starting to get upset. "I'm sure he just wanted to save his work...I don't think he even knew about my Agency at the time he did it...whatever he did." He said, trying his best tot give her a smile.

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Wolf felt her head lean against his shoulder. He glanced down at her nervously. He wanted to yell at her to stop doing that, but she really wasn't doing anything. It was just his reaction to her touch that put him on edge. He stopped and picked her up bridal style. He started walking with her in his arms. "You can sleep now, because when we get there we'll have a lot of work to do." He told her, cradling her to his chest.

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Wolf walked up the steps of the college. The giant building was casting an ominous shadow in the moonlight. He held her closer as the wind picked up, trying to keep her warm. He had studied her face a little bit while she had been sleeping in his arms. Her blonde hair was very pretty and her lips....he'd never seen any as red as hers. He looked at them now, but forced himself to stop. He carried her all the way to the giant chemistry lab and then shook her lightly, noticing her smile. He hated to wake her up if she was having a good dream, but he had to.

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Wolfs heart flipped when he felt her snuggling against his chest. He sighed softly, not really meaning to. He brushed the blonde hair from her face softly and looked down at her. "I'm just going to take some blood and look at it under a high power microscope. Okay?" He asked her. What was he doing? Why was he acting this way? He just...didn't understand what was happening to him. Why didn't he want her to be afraid of him? Why did he have to try so hard to mean to her?

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((What look?))

Wolf went to the cabinet and got a syringe and an alcohol wipe. He prepped the needle and pulled a chair up next to her. He balanced the needle on his knee along with the cleansing towelette. He took her arm, more gentle than he'd been trained to and felt for the vein in the crook of her elbow. He touched her skin softly and when he found the vein, he didn't stop. He stroked her skin softly, completely mesmerized. He snapped from his trance and cleansed the area with the wipe. "Not much. Why? Are you afraid of needles?" He asked.

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Wolf nodded when she said she was scared of needles. "It's okay..." He said, putting the needle into the correct position above her vein. He didn't push it into her skin yet though. He leaned in close to her and pushed the needle in when his lips met hers. He kissed her long enough to extract the blood he need and then he pulled away, the syringe full of her dark red blood. "There. Now that wasn't so bad was it?" He asked, closing the cap to the syringe. He had kissed her to distract her and he hoped it had worked. He held her elbow gently and held a cotton ball over the small puncture wound and waited for her response.

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Wolf nodded solemnly when she said she still felt it. He didn't want her to have felt it. He froze when she put her hand on top of his. He glanced up into her eyes. "Now... I'm trying to stop the bleeding." He told her. You kissed me. He heard her say. "Yes, I did." He said, looking away from her eyes now. He stared down at her hand on top of his. He had caught a flash of her blush before he had looked away.

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Wolf's breathe caught in his throat when she touched his cheek. She wanted him to tell her why he had kissed her. He'd done it to distract her, but was that the only reason? He wasn't sure. "I needed to distract you..." He said simply, looking away from her eyes again. He lifted the cotton ball and saw that the bleeding had almost stopped. He decided to hold it there for few more seconds though, just in case.

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Wolf's heart sank when she said her arm still hurt. He pulled her gently onto his lap and looked at her arm a little closer. Sure enough, a small blue and purple bruise was forming. He immediately felt guilty. He had tried so hard to be gentle, but had ended up hurting her anyway. He pulled out a little bandaid that he had also gotten from the counter earlier and placed it over the spot. He leaned down and kissed it with his lips softly, trying to make her feel better.

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Wolf completely tensed under how much she was touching him, and when she kissed his cheek, he stopped breathing. He listened as she spoke to him. She was telling him how she felt about him. Oh no. This was bad. "I...I...umm..." He stammered. Now he knew what was wrong with him. Love. It was love. It was his weakness. He was panicking now, his hazel eyes widening in fear and terror.

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Wolf sat, paralyzed by fear as she walked away from him. He didn't get up and go to her until he saw her cringe. He was worried about her. Why did her arm hurt so much? He took her elbow gently and just...held it really. He looked up at her. "Don't apologize, it's okay..." He told her. "How is your arm?" He asked, wanting to focus on something else.

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Wolf released her arm and nodded. He could examine her blood now. He took they syringe and went over to the microscope across the room. He prepared a slide and got to work. He looked intently, searching for anything that might help him. He glanced up at her and couldn't help but notice that she'd put her hood back on. He looked back at the blood then back at her. "Why do you wear that hood?" He asked, curious but also kind of surprised that the hood matched the color of her red blood cells perfectly....

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Wolf froze under her touch yet again. His breath quickened and he spoke, trying to hide it. "Well....I find it kind of interesting that the color of your blood cells matches your hood..." He told her honestly. Other than that, he didn't see anything. He decided he'd probably have to look closer to see anything. "Do you want to look?" He asked, getting up and offering her his seat.

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Wolf looked at her and noticed that she had kept her hand on his back. He looked into her eye first, but then his gaze flicked down to her lips. They were "Your lips...." He said dreamily, not even thinking about what he was saying. He was piecing together a puzzle in his mind and didn't even know if he was doing it right. Her lips, they were that same red.

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Wolf felt her lips against his and he kissed her back, despite knowing that he shouldn't have. He looked into her eyes and only felt confused. " don't know! It's not my mission!" He told her, the confusion showing on his face. He put his head in his hands and tried to think. She was changing how he saw things and she was changing his feelings too. What was he going to do?

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Wolf peered deep into her eyes when she forced him to look at her. He wanted to be with her, but he just couldn't. And what she was saying didn't help him to decide. She did make him happy, but he couldn't just take her. It wasn't that simple. "No..," he told her, still not sure what he was going to do about her and the Agency. "I think I need to look closer at your DNA." He told her. He crossed the room and got a q-tip. He stood in front of her and gently grabbed her chin. "Can you open your mouth?" He asked her softly.

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Wolf rubbed the q-tip against the inside of her cheek and then pulled it out of her mouth. He just looked at her for a minute though and thennanswered her question. "I just took a sample of your DNA." He told her with a smile. He made another slide and looked closely at it, for some kind of clue.

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