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Discuss Doctor Who here. Stay on topic. No spamming. If you start to spam, a mod will ask you to move to Chat and your off topic posts will be deleted.

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I'm not sure whether to start watching Doctor Who again I loved it as a kid but I kinda gradually stopped watching after David Tenant left. Then the plot got more confusing because I had missed episodes so I stopped. I watched the Christmas special I didn't really like the new Doctor. Should I start watching again?

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I think I might. Feeling a bit nostalgic as I'm writing this. I remember watching Blink (the one with the weeping angels) and my whole family watching it together. Then for like the rest of the school year we used to play this game where we would cover our eyes (like the angels) and when we open them the others could've move. Good times x

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Aww. That's so cool!

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What's your favourite episode/character/doctor?

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The tenth doctor. Even though David Tennant is 47, he's awesome!!!! And I love Rose. The Weeping Angel episodes are pretty cool, though I've only seen 2/3 of them. You?

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David Tenant for sure. I loved the werewolf/Queen Victoria episode and the episode where all the teachers were monsters (can't remember what is was called). Also the weeping angels (I've only seen the first one). I think there must of been loads of advertising at the time because like everyone I knew saw the episode even if they didn't normally watch Doctor Who. I liked the 9th doctor too (can't remember his name, Chris something?) particularly the Charles dickens, ww2 gas masks, the first episode with rose in. Did you ever watch the Sarah Jane Adventure's, it was kind of a spun off show but more for kids? I loved that too.

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H :) | 8 comments OMG I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! I've watched it since I was like three and Not that I understood it :P BUT NOW I DO!! Lolz. Love it, though. So much. And David Tennant <3 Best Doctor by far :)

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I know right?!

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Julia TEN TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's my nickname for David Tennant. Because he's Ten and his last name has TEN in it...

I'm almost done with Season 4...

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