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message 1: by georgiabread (new)

georgiabread | 259 comments Mod
So here'll be all the poems and stuff I've found online. Here's my first-although sad, I found it was very well written and enticing. Enjoy if you can :/

I knew a boy who liked to draw
He drew pictures nobody saw
He was most artistic late at night
In the bathroom out of sight
He kept a secret no one knew
He didn't tell a soul and his gallery grew
His drawings were different, no paper, no pen
But he needed a bandage now and again
We stood by the river under the stars
He rolled up his sleeves and showed me his scars
He felt embarrassed and looked down at his shoe
The I rolled up my sleeves and whispered, "I draw too."

message 2: by samyam, day eater night sleeper (new)

samyam g | 493 comments Mod
good one!!!

message 3: by georgiabread (new)

georgiabread | 259 comments Mod
Thanks :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Aw, that's so beautiful and catchy and sad...

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