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Veronika Decides to Die
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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5580 comments Mod
Minttu & atefe - Veronika Decides to Die

atefe (aatefe) I've you read the English copy?
I'm reading it in Persian.....

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Minttu (menthae) | 143 comments I started as well. I'm reading the english copy. Just few chapters though at the moment. I'm doing a weekly reading challenge as well and reading Divergent this week for that, so I've been focusing on it more. I kind of want to just get it read, so I can give my full attention to Veronika :)

atefe (aatefe) Right, I'm enjoying this book.......and waiting for your opinion..... ;))

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Minttu (menthae) | 143 comments I'm so sorry for being so silent. I've had a horrible flu for the past two weeks and I've been sleeping and resting and reading.

I'm really enjoying this book. It's been on my To Read list for so long and I guess I was a little hesitant to pick it up, because it is about suicide. My ex boyfriend and the father of my kids was severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts, so suicide was very present in my life for several years. I couldn't escape thinking about it and I think that's why I chose not to read this book before.

Now that I'm about half way into the story, I kind of wish I had picked this book up back then, when I was dealing with the dark stuff in my boyfriend's soul. He didn't commit suicide, but he had attempts. For me suicide is something very hard to understand and in a way I think that is the reason this book exists. It is hard to understand for most people and to understand why and to contemplate going through with it, that already sets a person apart from the others.

Veronika is so analytical even in her approach to life, to killing herself. Kind of distant, watching her life happen from outside. This is not what is my experience of a person contemplating suicide. My experience is all emotions, highs and lows, messy life, problems that seem too big to solve.

I'm not saying the book is not authentic or believable, only that it is different from what I expected. I thought it would be harder for me to read and that it would be heavier and more depressing. It is deep and thoughtful and I love Coelho's way with words. I just love reading every page, because the language is so beautiful.

atefe (aatefe) Oh, it really doesn't matter; your silence...... I hope you get better soon ;))
I think our stories of reading this book are the same....One of my relatives has commited a suicide and died...because of that I wasn't so willing to read it......Anyway I enjoyed the book, as you said, it was believable and real......I didn't like to put the book down while reading.....Maybe I'll read more of Coelho....

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