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message 1: by Peter (new)

Peter | 15 comments I went out for a run this morning and listened to the podcast about spoilers with you and Jesse. I was actually trying to comment while running and regretting I was not in the discussion.

There were some statements that I think would make a good discussion here.

Jesse stated that novels are vehicles for expressing ideas and that therefore it is ok to spoiler all the emotional and story elements.

If that is the case, why would you still read novels. A wiki page states the ideas way clearer, and non fiction books and scientific publications state their ideas without losing precious space with character development and action scenes.

So what I'm trying to say is that I primarily read novels for the entertainment value. I do most of my reading in the train to and from work, and I want to be entertained first and foremost. If I get some valuable ideas out of it that is a nice bonus, but I have enjoyed books that are nothing but fluff, fantasy cliche's and thrilling action scenes.

Some other things that popped up in my mind while listening to this episode.

I listen to the SFBRP to find new books and new writers to check out, so I really appreciate the fact that you give enough info to form an idea about the book, but don't spoil the future reading experience for me.

I think the reason why there are way fewer podcasts about books is that reading books takes time. you can see a movie and do a podcast about it in 3 hours. If you want to review a book by Peter Hamilton you first have to spend a few weeks reading over 1000 pages before you can do a podcast. and I think that is to much work for most people.

also the game with the jenga tower is called Dread.

message 2: by Jeff (new)

Jeff (jeff_koeppen) | 16 comments Thanks for starting this conversation, Peter. I agree with both of you and Moidelhoff said exactly what I was thinking when I was listening to the podcast. I've got many good / great book recommendations through the SFBRP and if any of the podcasts would have contained spoilers there would have been no point to read the books. There are a couple SFBRP I've held off listening to knowing that I'll be reading the book this year, and I want to go in to these books with no knowledge of the tale.

message 3: by Dalial (new)

Dalial Freitak | 2 comments Just to support Luke and previous SFRBP listeners. I started to follow the podcast to get some fresh ideas, which SF or F book to read next. And it has paid off, I discovered some great new and old books to add on my to-read list. The main reason, why I read books is the STORY and the imagination of the author. The discovery "what happens in the end" is one of the most exiting ones! Haven't we all stayed up late, just to find out the resolve? So, from my point of view spoilers are not good. I would like to make the journey through the book myself.

Said that, I have tremendously enjoyed also the full spoiler episodes. But in that case, I have already read the book and just been very curious, how Luke has perceived it.

I like the podcast format a lot like it is now, if it would start telling me ALL the story I guess I would stop listening, as my personal book experience would be ruined.

So, thanks Luke for keeping it the way it is!

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 32 comments I love Jesse and also frequently enjoy disagreeing with him, and spoilers will remain one of the topics.

The funny thing is, I won't listen to your episodes, spoilers or not, until I've read the book you are discussing. I just don't want anyone else's opinions or viewpoints in my head when I first crack open a book. I am selfish and want the full discovery experience.

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark Catalfano (cattfish) I think I agree with Jesse, in that there's way more to the book to appreciate than just a plot twist. I've had people hand me a book and say, "read this, there's a great twist at the end." Is that not spoilery in itself? I may know the results of a race but I'm going to watch it anyway to see how it developed.

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