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Which Book Was Your Favourite?

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Louise My favourite book was probably the Goblet of Fire. It always scared me and worried me. It was so real and when Harry was under water finding his friends, I was literally having trouble breathing. The maze was the scene that I feared the most though. It was dark, and magical at the same time. The scene of the students then the scene when Harry was alone in the maze was so contrasted that I felt a sudden cold in my body and then constant tension until he had seen Voldemort and was eventually teleported back to the beginning where the others were waiting.

Stacey Hicks lettini I agree that Goblet of Fire was my favorite book. I feel this was the transition book from children's lit to young adult. The themes became more adult and the introduction of death of a good character helped with this transition. I also just loved the tasks. This book also helps to develop of the Harry and Ron relationship.

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