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message 1: by Laurence (new)

Laurence O'Bryan (goodreadscomlpobryan) | 33 comments Mod
Negotiations with several LA producers are proceeding to commence filming of the Puzzle series as a TV series in 2015.

message 2: by Josie O. (new)

Josie O. | 1 comments Wowwww. Fingers crossed for a success in those negotiations. Keep me posted.

message 3: by M.H. (new)

M.H. Vesseur (mhvesseur) | 1 comments That's good news. Enough in there for magnetic series! I'm on the lookout for more news.

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank | 3 comments It's moving along, Laurence! That's wonderful!

On an other (less exciting) front!...
Here is a link to my historical adventure novel, The Battle of the Long Sault,set in 1660 Quebec during the French-Indian wars.

It's an "Eastern-western" because of the Indian and settler apect.

No one is buying westerns these days but with the recent sucess of Joseph Boynton's book The Orenda (which takes place about ten years earlier than my book and involves the same peoples in roughly same locale), I'm hoping there might be some interest from agents.

This is a Rashoman-like tale with PsOV from all parties, the French, the Iroquois (their enemies) and the Hurons and Algonquins (their allies).

It's a new world tale, a Canadian Alamo, clash of civilizations, cultures and religions which, of course, leads to war.
Note the "ca!"

It is not a love story.

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