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Rosemary Lapin & Kat Potente?

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John This is a question for people who have read the book.

Spoilers :::::::: Spoilers ::::::: Spoilers

Does anyone else see a similarity between these two?

Kat is the cute love interest who's a brilliant "Googler".
Rosemary is the only female customer of the Waybacklist, a nervous old biddy in her eighties.

When Clay visits Rosemary at home, part of the conversation is:

“You know, I was a computer programmer once.”
No way.
“Back when they were big and gray, like elephants. Oh, it was hard work. We were the first to do it.”
Amazing. “Where was this?”
“Pacific Bell, just down on Sutter Street”—she waves a finger toward downtown—“back when the telephone was still very high-tech.” She grins and flutters her eyelashes theatrically. “I was a very modern young woman, you know.”

I wonder what Kat Potente will be like sixty odd years in the future?

sublimosa I didn't notice the similarity, but I see it now you've pointed it out. Funny thing is, I had to grow to like Rosemary and conversely, my liking for Cat declined as the book went on.
It was such a refreshing book.

Jean I know I'm coming into this conversation 4 years later, but I like that you noticed it. I did too. I'm currently an aging tech female, probably retiring soon. I've been talking to a lot of retired tech friends who are either trying to stay relevant or trying to come to grips with being "left behind" as it were. I loved that aspect of this book.

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