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The Sunken City and Other Tales From Round the World
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Lorna | 176 comments I read this when I was a kid in the early 1970s, but it could be from as much as twenty years before that. Can't remember the front cover, but the back cover had a drawing of a woman at a spinning wheel (she was "spinning" the stories), and the cover overall was light blue.

Twenty fairy tales from different countries, except USA, and maybe not England either. I'm fairly certain I've got the right country of origin on the stories I remember:

-- One of the Scandinavian countries: Royal underling is warning haughty queen about some danger. She scoffs, takes off a ring and tosses it over a wall and into the sea. "If I ever see that ring again, I will believe your word." A fish swallows the ring, a palace fisherman catches it, the cook fixes it up for the queen's dinner, she finds the ring, and she has to believe him. I think this same underling was also telling her to invest in wheat, "the staff of life", perhaps in advance of a famine.

-- France: Reverse-gender Beauty and the Beast. Young man sees an apparition in a forest of a beautiful young woman. Finds out she's connected with the toad that hangs around that area. Years earlier, she had been rich (not necessarily royal), and snobbish and cruel. She was coming out of church with her two ladies-in-waiting when an old beggar approached them. They all shriek and cringe, more so when he holds up a slimy toad. He tells her, "Girl, as you shrink from this toad, so shall all men shrink from you." Poof, she is the toad. And of course, the young man (not necessarily a prince) restores her with a kiss.

-- Czechoslovakia: Premise is Cinderella: innocent young woman abused and overworked by stepfamily. But instead of a fairy godmother, she gets help from a kind of council of elders: old men with long beards who hang out in the forest.

-- China: The emperor is having some bells cast, and it's hugely important that they be in tune. They keep coming out discordant, until beautiful teenage daughter goes to a see/fortuneteller/something mystic. They tell the daughter that the bells need a maiden pure of heart, or some vague term that really means v*i*r*g*i*n. So daughter goes to the next casting, and leaps into the pour. "For your sake, O father!" The bells rang more sweetly than anyone had ever heard, and the emperor never smiled again.

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Ayshe | 4129 comments The Sunken City and Other Tales From Round the World?
From ebay seller's description:
The Sunken City ~ Holland
The Land Ship ~ Ireland
The Magic Ring ~ The Ukraine
The Laughing Merman ~ Iceland
The Three Golden Hairs ~ Bohemia
The Donkey, the Table, and the Stick ~ England
The Lady and the Toad ~ France
The Magic Fife ~ Poland
The Twelve Months ~ Czechoslovakia
Olaf the Mermaid's Son ~ Denmark
The Haunted Forest ~ Lithuania
Lazarus and the Dragons ~ Greece
The Golden Fleece ~ Serbia
The Three Wishes ~ Hungary
The Lord of Gold ~ Estonia
The voice of the Bell ~ China
The Three Aunts ~ Norway
The Conch Shell of Ram ~ India
The Little Gray Man ~ Germany
The Maid of the Waves ~ Scotland

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Lorna | 176 comments That's it! That's it exactly! Thank you forever!

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