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message 1: by Rita (new)

Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments Are we currently reading any books? Like, all of the members read the same book and we have a month to do so then we post a thread and everyone discusses those chapters? Because I'd be more than willing to start it!

message 2: by Rita (new)

Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments That's really cool I'd like to give my opinion

message 3: by Karrah (new)

Karrah (karrahann) I would like to suggest we start buddy reading! It's a great way to find new books and then have someone to discuss them with!

message 4: by Rita (new)

Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments Jordan wrote: "I'm so happy Goodreads is back up! I was having major withdrawal last night and I was trying to edit my club! AAHHH so happy its back up now!"

That would be so so cool! What do you guys want to read? GO VOTE ON THE POLL!

message 5: by Karrah (new)

Karrah (karrahann) Where is the poll?

message 6: by Rita (new)

Rita (bookishr) | 10 comments Karrah wrote: "Where is the poll?"

Go to the main page of the group and scroll all the way down

message 7: by Karrah (new)

Karrah (karrahann) Hey everyone, I noticed that no one has been active in 12 days and I just wanted to say hey!

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