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Peter rushes into the hospital. He tightly holds Lina's hand as he felt like a child. Lina quietly drags him through the hospital. Her face was emotionless unlike his which was full of pain and hurt.

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Roni had passed out on the way to the hospital. The Doctors were taking good care of her though. They rushed her into the emergency/trauma area and immediately got to work.

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"We need to see Veronica! She got stabbed!" Lina speaks. Peter swiftly moves to the trauma section.

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Roni had been stitched up by the doctors by the time Lina and Peter started towards the trauma center. She still wasn't awake though. She'd lost quite a bit of blood and needed to rest. The doctors had to keep an eye on her though. If she didn't wake up soon then everyone would need to worry.

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Peter sit right beside Veronica.his hand grasps for hers like he was a child. Lina stumbles awkwardly toward Peter. "She'll be ok." Lina whispers.

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Roni was in an odd state of unconsciousness. She was starting to wake up though and a dull ache was coursing through her body. She squeezed Peter's hand just barely, she was so weak, but she didn't open her eyes.

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Lina strokes peter's hair. Peter cups his face with his one hand that was free. He remembered the night Raina died. He grasped for her hand but she didn't reach back. That is how he found out that she died. "She's not going to leave you," Lina whispers.

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Roni could hear someone talking but she couldn't place who it was. She felt like she was in a deep fog. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest. Her heart rate machine starting beeping frantically, alerting the doctors and nurses that something was wrong. Roni's back arched and then she went still again, her body was trembling though.
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Peter tightly grabbed her hand. He started to cry as Lina stood with an expressionless face

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The doctors and nurses rushed in the door quickly and looked at the monitors frantically. "What happened?" They asked, looking at both Peter and Lina.
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"I don't know." Lina says. She quickly glances at the doctor as Luna runs to her. "Is Peter ok? How's Veronica?" Luna says quietly. Lina slaps her.

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The doctors mess around with Roni's monitors and saw that she had some kind of heart palpitation. They determined that it was from the stress of the attack and the loss of blood. They stand by for a few minutes and when Roni doesn't stir after a few minutes they leave the room. "She should be okay. But if anything happens, hit the emergency call button." They told everyone before they left.

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Luna nods as she looks away. "Pete…"she begins to say as he looks up at her. She saw the hurt in his eyes. She gasped silently. "Can you explain how-how this happened?" Luna says as she adjust her red pumps.

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Roni laid still, not moving at all anymore. The trembling had stopped and that was a good thing. She was just unconscious, her body working hard to try and heal itself while she slept.

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"No…" Peter starts. He stands up to offer Luna the seat. She smiled and denclined. Peter sat back down. He didn't try to grab Roni's hand,

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Roni's eyes fluttered open a moment later. She was completely dazed and confused. Where was she? How did she get here? She tried to sit up, but found she couldn't muster up the strength and when she did there was a pain in her stomach.

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Luna smiles. "Hello!" She hands Roni flowers

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Roni takes the flowers but accidentally drops them. She shouldn't have tried to grab them, her hands were too weak anyway. "I'm sorry." She whispers, not even able to gain the strength to speak any louder.

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Luna smiles. "It's ok!" Luna says happy that Roni was ok. Peter keeps his head down.

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Roni's eyes threaten to close, but she keeps them open. "Lina..." She says, wanting Lina to come and give her a hug. She had been so frightened in the alleyway where she got hurt.

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Luna steps back as Lina steps forward to give Roni a hug. "Hey Roni!" Lina says. Peter continues to keep your head down

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Roni smiles slightly when Lina hugs her. "Peter." She whispers next, looking into Lina's eyes with a frantic expression. "Where is Peter?" She asks, still whispering. She hadn't seen him.

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Lina laughs. "He is right here." Peter keeps his head down. His head ached and he was so tired

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Roni's tired eyes find Peter and she breathes a little easier. "Peter..." She says quietly, holding her arms out as best as she can. She wants him to come to her, but she wasn't sure if he would and she couldn't keep her arms up for very long.

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Peter eyes fall on Roni. He stands up and hugs her. He was happy that she was worried about him. "Are you ok?" He questions Veronica as he hugs her tight

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Roni hugs him back as tight as she can and then her arms fall away, fatigue setting in. "Yes, I think so." She whispers, giving him a small smile. She wanted to kiss him but there was no way she could have the strength to reach all the way up to his lips.

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He kisses her silently and moves back. "You need to rest, Veronica." Peter tells her quietly. Luna and Lina smile as they put the flowers in a vase.

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Roni felt Peter's lips against hers and she also feels her eyes fluttering shut again. She looked at Peter and the she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore.

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Lina and Luna leave silently to give Peter time alone with Roni. Peter sits silently as he calls his mom. "Hey mom…yeah I'm ok."

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Roni hears Peter talking to someone and she opens her eyes with a ton of effort. He's on the phone...with his mom.... Her eyes widen a little bit. His mom?

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"No…yeah…" he stares at his hands.

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Roni wanted to talk to Peter but if he was much longer on the phone she wouldn't be able to stay awake. Why was she so sleepy anyway. They hadn't given her anything to make her sleep...right?

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Peter hung up. And his head was hung low. He was scared and worried. He was scared that Annemarie and Rachel would come back-for someone else he loved. He knew just who that person was. Lina. She was a moving target to them. They were always jealous of her.

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"Peter." She paused and had to catch her breath. "What's wrong?" She continued after she felt like she could breathe again. She could see the pain and worry in his face, but something told her that not all of it was about her and the knife incident.

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"It's Lina…" he frowns

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"What's wrong with Lina?" She asks, completely exhausted after asking the question. She needed an energy drink or something because she was completely wiped out.

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"Well…you shouldn't worry about it." He quickly texted Lina: Watch ur back!!! :-/ Annemarie and Rachel. Peter looks up at Roni as his phone buzzes. Lina texts: ok! Don't worry.

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"Will you come sit with me?" She asks, not wanting to feel alone. She was still imagining what had happened in the alley. It was as if her mind was on constant replay and she couldn't shut it off. She just wanted it to stop.

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"Umm…yeah s-sure," Peter says with a lot on his mind. He was hoping Lina wouldn't go to the cemetery or somewhere dark.

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Roni flashes him a tiny smile. It was about all she could manage and waits for him to come to her. She enjoyed his company and wanted him to be closer to her.

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He scoots the chair closer to her. "Umm," he begins.
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Roni turns her head slowly to look at him. "Ummm what?" She asks, a small smile playing across her lips. She was very tired, but didn't want to sleep. She just wanted to talk to Peter and look at him.

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"Nothing!" He defends. He slightly smiles as he continues to worry about Lina.

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Roni nods slowly, she didn't have enough energy to fight him into talking. She feels her head bobbing, but drags it back up to look into Peter's eyes.

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((Living on the dance floor))
"Hehe…" Peter quietly looks at roni

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Roni hears Peter laughing. "What are you laughing at?" She slurs.

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((Dance moms))
"Nothing. Just trying to ease the mood."

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((Bahahahah!!!! Got it ;) ))

Roni smiles at Peter and reaches for his hand, but hers falls limp. "I don't understand why I'm so tired and....weak..." She says, stumbling through the words.

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"What do u mean." Peters eyes full with concern

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"I mean this." Roni says. Then she lifts her hand up as high as she can and then a few seconds later it drops. She can't seem to use her strength for long at all. But she didn't know it was just from the affects of her trauma and injury.

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