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Terry Pearce Discuss 'My Chivalric Fiasco' here.

When does this story take place? Is it clear? How does this affect the way you read it?

The use of language here is idiosyncratic even for Saunders. How do you feel the story is affected by this?

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2319 comments I think this story takes place in the near future at some sort of amusement park where reenactments of medevil times take place. The employees get a drug that permits them to act and sound realistic. I thought the language consistent with the roles that were played by the characters, while under the influence of a drug. The language used when Ted first sees Martha is different, as is the language when Ted talks with Martha's husband. I think it is some reactin to the drug (after all, it is Ted's first time to get it) that causes Ted to act like a knight saving the damsel in distress and seemingly ruin his life, Martha's life, and perhaps even Don Murray's life. I did not find that the language affected my understanding of the story any more than the language of any of the other stories.

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