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Terry Pearce Discuss 'Home' here.

A lot is left untold in this story? What do you feel about the effectiveness of this?

Do you find the family an unusual one? What do they say to you about family?

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2299 comments I agree that a whole lot is left untold in this story, especially as concerns Mikey, a returning vet from Iraq or Afganistan. It seems Mikey was courtmarshaled for something that happened during the Al-Raz campaign. Whatever it was seems to have resulted in his divorce and his sister (or her sister's husband) not wanting him to hold their baby. What did Mikey do?

So this vet arrives home to find his mother living with an unemployed jerk and losing her home for failure to pay the rent. Mikey seems to lose it a couple of times. He sets fire to the house his mother is being evicted from (but puts it out). He is supposed to see his kids at 6PM and seems headed there (what used to be his house and is now occupied by his ex-wife and new husband, who was a former friend) to do either (1) kill himself or (2) kill everyone there and himself. But as he approaches, he sees not only his ex and her husband, but also his mom and the deadbeat, his sister with her husband and kid and husband's parents. He calms down and thinks "Okay, okay, you sent me, now bring me back. Find some way to bring me back ... ."

We don't need to know what Mikey might have done for the story to be effective. It is enough that he is a returning vet who apparently is suffering from PTSD.

Is his family unusual? I don't think so. Families come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. What seems true about this one is that they seem to want to help Mikey, even if they are going about it in a fumbling and bumbling way, although I doubt there is one right way to help.

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