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TMI Movie Was Awful Who Agrees?

This is one of the worst adaptations ever taken

We have to learn that with movie adaptations of books, nothing will be a complete carbon copy. Trust me, just like the rest of you, I wish it could be. Some of my most favorite books (City of Bones included) have be converted into movies, and I wish producers and screenwriters could've kept everything equal to the book. However, as with all movie adaptations, you have to remember that they are just that: adaptations. It's neither the intention or focus to be a carbon copy of the book, but instead, a similar version.

In keeping this in mind, I think City of Bones was well done. Of course there were some minor disappointments (I really wasn't feeling movie Jace either!) but in all consideration, did nothing to defer the central plot of the story, which in fact, is the most important aspect of any novel and/or movie

The book is sooo much better than the movie (of course).
I was really disappointed with the actors portraying the characters, but isn't it always like that, hah!

The movie sucked no doubt. However I think someone of the actors were very well picked. Simon, Alec, and Magnus in my mind were perfect picks.
Apparently it's been decided that a new movie will not be made. Instead they have decided to make a TV series about it! Which I'm realy excited for I think that gives them the chance to work on details.

Here are a couple links for info on the TV show.

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Kendra I really hope this happens. Imagine how much more Magnus there would be!
Nov 05, 2014 10:53AM


JRM could have been perfect in his role as father, but his wardrobe was horrendous. NOTHING like what the book described. I understand movies/tv may have to make changes to a book to keep the flow, but to completely change a character is plain wrong.

Lauren wrote: "I'm I the only one who thought the TMI movie was awful? The acting was dreadful, the script could have been okay if the actors could act, Jace was ugly(FYI he's supposed to be hot) Clary is suppose..."

Clary's hair is not short in the books.

I think the major problem of this film adaptation is the change of plot from the original book. This stops the film maker to make a proper film later on with the title of mortal instruments again cuz the plot will be changed forever if the first film isn't even following the book. If we just see the movie as an original film, it is quite amazing but there are too many elements involved in the film that it becomes really complicated when you need to explain the stuff. The presentation of the elements from the book needs to be improved and filtered in order to do better. But generally i think i enjoy the movie because there are Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins as Jace and Clary!! They acted great!!!! In conclusion, the plot has led to the failure of the film, and if the film maker plans to do city of ashes in the future, i would prefer them to follow the original ideas to prevent any other negative comments again.

I liked it, but book was much better

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Cats Cats Yes, and I also think that the movie was very rushed, and could have been not jumped from one scene to the next, because that made it very confusing
Jun 25, 2014 07:20AM

I didn't like the movie. I saw the movie before reading the books and I was like "these books must suck!" Then a friend of mine convinced me to read them because she said that the books were way way better then the movie. I read them, but not with high expectations. I completly LOVE the books!!! And I understand why I HATED the movie!! I was completly different from the books! There were so many things that happenned differently! I really hope they do a better job with the second movie....

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I'm I the only one who thought the TMI movie was awful? The acting was dreadful, the script could have been okay if the actors could act, Jace was ugly(FYI he's supposed to be hot) Clary is supposed to have REAL read and curly hair and is short! I personally feel that true fans who have read the book shouldn't like the movie they messed it all up!

I agree it sucked, NOT as good as the book. bad acting just disappointing :(

I thought it was okay, the casting was pretty inaccurate on all except Jace and Simon. Lilly Collins is a great actor, but she looks nothing like Clary. And of course, they strayed away from what happened in the book.

I am not a person who judges a book based on its movie. That being said, I'm beyond glad that I read the book first. If I had seen the movie first there would be no way I would ever read the series. I would have missed out on such an amazing story.

I completely understand that movie adaptations will always will be half of the story at best, but this was just too far off the mark. When you have so much material in a book to work with, why do directors and script writers feel the need to add things that aren't original to the story? Sometimes yes, it will make it flow better as a movie, but I think 90% of us will agree that it was a total injustice in this case. I have never hated a movie adaptation this much. The script was wrong, acting was DREADFUL, choice in cast was not correct...I could go on and on but I won't.

All of that being said, I am glad that they made a movie because it brought a story that I love to a larger audience. At the end of the day the movie sucks beyond belief, but I still bought it.

The acting was just horrendous I am so disappointed. The actor who portrayed Magnus fit well description wise but his acting was one of the worst I've ever seen! I can't believe it was even acceptable! I understand movies are never anywhere near as good as the book but the whole thing was all over the place and rushed and nothing was done well in my opinion. Makes me sad.

Kendyl agrees!

In the book Jace are more Attractive, sexy but in the movie he is more sullen but ı love Jamie (Jace). Movie is very superficial, there is no details like book. For example in the book first and second apperances of Jace are more exciting, more mysterios but movie there is a big dissapoıntment :( But I wanna watch the second movie though.

Who ever doesn't agree that the adaption was horrible, I don't think you read the book right. The movie was an injustice to my favorite book series in my opinion. Like seriously? I've seen movies made in 2001 with better graphics, not to add that the plot was entirely wrong. I was yelling at my TV the first time I ever watched it about how everything was wrong

The only major, major problem I had with the movie was when Hodge tells Valentine to tell Jace and Clary that they are brother and sister. I nearly lost my shit in the theatre!! That was the plot twist that had me sitting up and literally gasping out loud when I read the book! How could they just say it so casually like they did in the movie? And I really think that it was a huge mistake to have the viewers privy to information like that. If they left it how it was in the book, with people needing to know if they were really brother and sister, that's how they would have gotten people interested in watching the second movie, just like how it got me to read the second book.

Compared to the book the movie was terrible, and I completely agree about Jace not fitting the profile, and most of the acting is stiff and unrealistic.

Yep! totally, and it's not that I didn't like the Sizzy scenes they weren't there in the first place and messed everything up. also I imagined Alec and Isabelle to be taller.

I thought it was pretty good. Now don't have a go at me. I adore the books. I really do. And I had read the first one before the movie came out. For the most part, it stayed true to the book. Yes, there were parts that they changed and important parts they left out all together (like when Valentine took the actual Mortal Cup, but in the movie Clary has it, what's up with that?) So I was a little disappointed with that. But, the acting was okay although they could have chosen a better Valentine.
Like what has been said, it is an adaptation meaning it isn't going to be exactly the same. I will admit there are better adaptations of books out there (Divergent, anyone? Love that movie). Anyway, I would gladly watch it over and over and I am extremely excited for a CoA movie.
Btw, Jamie Campbell Bower is hot as hell. Perfect for Jace ;)

ugh I really did not like the movie. It was liek a Percy Jackson thing. The thing is if Cassandra Clare actually participated in the production of the movie, it would be so much better. The same happened with Percy Jackson. Rick Riordan wasn't part of the production process and look how those movies turned out

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Did any of ye also realise in the movie that when Hodge was speaking to Valentine in the Covenant Library he said "You could lie and tell them they are brother and sister" (Quote might not be exact, but you should get the point). That just ruined it for the people who never read the book. Like half the plot is ruined for future movies.

The movie was ridiculously bad.. I knew it wasn't going to be nearly as good as the book when I watched the trailer, but I still had some hope. That was until I actually saw the movie... What really bugged me, was that the actor that played Jace, couldn't pull of the sarcasm! And also the actors were all wrong (exept the ones who played Magnus and Simon, I kind of liked them). And I was really confused at the end, and.. yeah, I'm definitely not going to see it again.


Everyone in that movie was a terrible actor. Jace was always like angry and moody. In the book he's like moody sometimes but not all the time! Alec in this movie kept looking like he was going to cry. Isabel was just always mean. Clary was soooo dramatic and not even good dramatic. The only good actors were Magnus and Simon. I LOVED Simon!<3

I thought the movie was okay, the way it was filmed was really good but the cast and the script was just utter crap. But I like this film even though it isn't accurate because it feels how like how a accurate mortal instruments film would be.

I didn't enjoy the movie at all. I got bored and most of the changes they made for the movie were plain cliché. The acting was terrible as well (in exception of the guy who plays Simon, he is the only reason I actually re-watched the movie).
I hope the next movie will be better (if they actually make the next one).

hmmm... I think is not as good as i expected. Yeah, i agree, Jace is not as good looking as in the book ( as i imagined him) bu Simon... Oh... He was sooo... beatutiful in this movie, but i imagined him more like nerd whose Dungeons and drangons is all his life. Oh and during the movie i got a little bit bored. I didn't look at screen, i was drawing something in my notebook so... Book was better ( AS ALWAYS)

I think the biggest disappointment was that so much parts of the book were taken out! I saw the movie before reading the books and I thought it was ok, not too bad not too good. But I had heard a lot about the books on tumblr, so I decided to buy the ebook and I seriously thought I was reading something else! The book had absolutely nothing to do with the movie in the sense that the plot is so much more than what is showed in the movie. And does the people working on the movie know that the fact that we don't know if Jace and Clary are actually brother and sister is a huge part of the intrigue of the book ? It takes like 3 entire books to know the actual truth, and they just casually show a scene of Hodge telling Valentine to lie about them being relatives in the first movie? Like are you aware that you've just ruined any possibility of interesting adaptations of the 2nd and the 3rd books?

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Some of the acting was pretty... disappointing. Movie Magnus was nothing like book Magnus which was considerably sad because he was one of my favorite characters. Also, the actor who played him must have been... new at the profession if you know what I mean. At other times some scenes certain other actors/actresses had some bad acting skills. Overall I know that movies are almost never exactly like the books and I understand that, but plot and characters should be similar enough that fans and fans who haven't read the book should both love it.

The cast was okay but it wasn't like the book. The ending was really weird. My friend and I were in the cinema like what is this?

Isabelle, Alec and Jace are supposed to be tall. Like really tall in comparison to Clary. Clary's hair is actually realy curly. The only good character in the movie was Simon. I don't mind that they change things in the adaptation. But at least make the character look exactly like in the book. PLEASE!!!

I saw this movie opening weekend and it was a major regret. I laughed so hard at how bad it was. Thank God production for the second film shut down immediately after this movie bombed.

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