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Did the truth about Mr. Gardner’s involvement with Mary Ella surprise you? If not, at what point did you begin to suspect it?

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Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments I think I raised one eyebrow and thought of him as a dirty old man (even though he might not be that old) and a cold hearted opportunist...I have nothing but disgust for him. He reminds me of a few male characters in the Kitchen House that I love to hate; the teacher and the overseer.
At one point when Mary Ella was out at night,Ivy saw her carrying a basket of "extras" from the Gardners. Ironic the author calls the food extras when she is getting and giving other kinds of extras from/to Mr. G. The family lives for free at the cottage, thanks to Mr. Gardner.
I suspected very early on Mr. Gardner was having sex with the other lady, who had a few sons all from different fathers. Can't remember her name

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments Well it was pretty obvious that Mr. Gardiner was involved in something and it did cross my mind that it was with Mary Ella but I liked the way the author made you wait a bit to get confirmation of that. I also wondered like Karen if it was that lady with all the children (was it the Jordan lady? I can't remember her name off hand either)

Laura | 92 comments I had my suspicions when they first mentioned how he would give Mary Ella's family extra food. Then you knew something was up. It was a sad situation because what was Mary Ella to do?
I also found it pitiful that Mr. Gardiner wanted Mary Ella's son to be taken from her so badly.

Kathryn (kdrury) | 112 comments I had my suspicions but the author does try to divert the attention from him especially with her description of how the other boy helps to find the little boy when he goes missing. I think that this is her attempt to convince us that this is the father.
So sad that Mr. Gardiner took advantage of her but I'm sure it went on (still goes on) when people take advantage of their positions of power and control.

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