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R.C. Fettig (rcfettig) | 1 comments A Fantasy intertwined with romance. I'd be happy to send my 66,000 word novel to anyone interested in reading for some honest feedback before I publish. Thanks and here's a quick blurb.

Johanna Wesley thought she’d left many things behind. Her dysfunctional family, the mother who accused her of being an imposter of her real daughter, and the dream of a man named Wolf who changed her life when she was twelve years old.
Thirteen years later, Wolf shows up once again, but appears to be the same age. He claims to be a knight of Valedrun, a kingdom in another world. His mission is to retrieve her so she can reclaim the throne.
With assassins attempting to end her life, a boyfriend with too many secrets, and a knight who makes her heart pound while infuriating her beyond belief, she’s not sure who to trust. Johanna tries to cope with the fact that magic is real, other worlds function within different time streams, and people want her dead before she can claim her birthright. However, first she must decide if she even wants what’s rightfully hers.

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Lisa (moondancing) | 125 comments I'm interested...

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Raven Honeycutt (raven_nevermore) | 12 comments Would love to read this for's right up my


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Kimberley (kjrhyne) | 3 comments I would enjoy giving it a read!

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