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Do you think that what Tris said to Al was fair?
Jess Jess May 02, 2014 02:55AM
I understand Tris was kidnapped and about to die, but an Abnegation would understand. I'm double minded.

Angie Elle (last edited May 02, 2014 09:22AM ) May 02, 2014 09:22AM   2 votes
She's not abnegation, for one thing. She never felt like she belonged in that faction. And for another, he helped try to kill her. Yes, I think what she said was fair.

Do you think what he did to her was fair?

Ehhh, he tried to kill her. Of course it was fair! DUH! Would YOU want someone who has tried to kill you to be your friend?

Kristen (last edited May 02, 2014 11:12PM ) May 02, 2014 11:11PM   1 vote
Why does it have to be fair? Life's not fair.
However, I think if we were to measure what's worse, trying to kill someone far outweighs a few harsh words from the victim.
If you're asking if what she said was deserved, then yes, I think it was. I think that someone who has the intent to kill, deserves the same. So he deserved worse.

And as Angie said, she's not abnegation. But I think even the typical abnegation wouldn't "understand". If it's a fight, no, they probably wouldn't fight back, but there's nothing remotely selfish about knowing that someone trying to harm or kill you is wrong and deserves punishment. Al got off easy since he didn't have any real consequences. No one made him jump off the cliff.

I agree with everyone that what Tris said to Al was fair. He had just betrayed her trust and tried to kill her. He took away her security, terrified her, and could have been her murderer.

But I disagree when everyone said Al overreacted and that it was his fault he killed himself. This is true, in a way, but it was really the society's fault for making his future so bleak. He was facing being factionless, outranked by a Stiff, unwanted by anyone. The factionless life is no way to live. He was driven by jealousy and desperation to attempt Tris's life, but he obviously was incredibly guilt-ridden afterwards. He was not evil. He was just overwhelmed by guilt and inadequacy. He would not have killed himself if he was not facing a life as an outcast from society with no hope, having betrayed his only friends.

i agree that he deserved because he tried to kill her just to be in the faction that is not acceptable

It was totally fair because he was a creep that tried to murder his friend just to safe his skin because he was crap at dauntless initiation. SERIOUSLY WHO TRIES TO KILL THEIR FRIEND JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE JELOUS??


Hmmmmm... As soon as I saw the topic, I knew this question was going to be a tough one. I'm not happy with what Tris said to Al, but I understand why. I can't claim I wouldn't do the same thing.
And, as others have pointed out, Al was not forced to kill himself (but it is depressing all the same).

I think she did what anyone else would have done in that situation.

I don't this Tris was wrong at all. I think Al's actions affected her personally, so that's how she acted towards his pleading for forgiveness. She wanted to feel safe, and Al's betrayal ruined that for her, so she pushed him away, and it's not her fault that he took it and ran with it - off a cliff.

Well mostly yes but also no?...But Al definitely over reacted!

I believe that Tris is a hypocritical biatch, that's for sure.

Tris was right to say what she said. Al was jealous and, well, HE TRIED TO KILL HER. I think that's a good excuse to get angry. It's Al's fault he was weak. Rather than killing her, he should have tried harder or become factionless. I support Tris.

I think the question isnt whether or not it was fair, its whether or not his reaction was because of her. One instance of strong words doesnt make someone commit suicide. Al was struggling because of other stuff for a while. He had to have been hanging on by a string and just because he committed suicide after she yelled at him doesnt mean she caused it. It doesnt even mean she pushed him over the edge. It seems like blame is being pinned on her for his death. And I just dont buy that.

Angie Elle Excellent point.
Oct 06, 2014 05:57AM

Jelly224 (last edited May 08, 2014 11:48AM ) May 08, 2014 11:46AM   0 votes
YES!!! The guy was a little sissy and couldn't just get over the fact he needed more practice on EVERYTHING, such as life. Plus he didn't do anything when they were kinda rapping her. So he really deserved it. HE just makes readers fell bad cause he over did it and did suicide.

If anyone's read The Testing, Al's exactly like Ryme. They weren't bad people, just overwhelmed by stress and overall, their actions impact Tris/Cia but they know they were still right in the end.

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