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H :) | 1225 comments Hi :)

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H :) | 1225 comments :D

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H :) | 1225 comments I don't mind, whatever you want. Should we at least do name, age, appearance and personality, lolz? Nothing complex. And--I'm sorry :/ so disorganised--what was the plot again? *hides behind something*

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H :) | 1225 comments Oh, woah, that's detailed :D Do you want me to use the same template? Is no problem--I'll do it. If you don't mind waiting a tiiiiny bit longer while I make it :)

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H :) | 1225 comments Name: Jason Alexander Hathaway

Nickname: Jayce

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Half demon, half human

-Fire: he can controls, as well as being resistant to it.
-Enhancement; superhuman speed, strength, reflexes and senses
-Quick healing
-Manipulation: kind of like a charmspeak, although he would protest at the "girlyness" of that term. He can't read people's minds, but he can manipulate their will slightly. He can convince anyone to do almost anything. It works very well on humans, but, he has found, is less effective on supernaturals, especially those who can shield themselves.


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Jayce looks like a human, but almost too darkly perfect. His hair is dark blonde, his eyes a deep blue and his skin a deeply tanned shade of gold. He is athletically built--tall and muscular, but not overly so, which makes him quick and agile. He has the build of a long-distance runner, or maybe a swimmer, and the agility of a cat.

Personality: Jnyce is confident, yet mysterious. He rarely takes anything seriously, or gives you a straight answer. His sense of humour is dark and sarcastic, frequently used. He is very blunt, often quite harsh and has a quick, explosive temper. However, he is also very loyal and overprotective towards those that he cares about. He is very charming, when it suits him, and can wrangle anything out of anyone if he tries hard enough. He is intelligent, and an excellant fighter, but can be impulsive and reckless, depending on his mood and temper.

+A strong fighter
+Speed and Agility

-Overly loyal

History: Jayce's mother was a human. She was always a daredevil; reckless and getting into stuff she shouldn't. It was too much for her to handle, though, when she found out that her child was half-demon, and the father had left her to get back to the fiery depths of hell that he had originated from. Terrified of what she had done, she dumped the child on the doorstep of her closest friend and ran away. She was never heard of again. Jayce was raised by his mother's friend, Liam Thrope. The man was kind and raised Jayce like his own son, but the painful reminder of Thalia Hathaway, his mother, was always there. And Liam had no idea what to do with the kid. He was an author, not all that well kniwn, and just getting by on his own. However, he found a way, and, with a kind of fond indifference, brought Jayce up. He was never the most attentive foster father, but he did care about Jayce, and there was a mutual sense of fatherly love between he and the new addition to his house. However, Jayce would never have been content to live his life in the sleepy village that Liam resided in. Jayce stood out like a sore thumb in the village what appeared to be frozen in the late 1800's. What with his strange..abilities, that sometimes showed up, he was half expecting to be burned or something. As soon as he was old enough, and after an unfortunate incident that involved setting the school on fire, Jayce ran away, never looking back.

He survived just fine in the city, until he met an old, sick demon on the street, cast away by the others and alone in the city, just like Jayce. He told Jayce what he was, and Jayce didn't believe him. When the old "man" began to scare him, and made a move to touch him or hurt him--Jayce never knew--he lost it. Jayce attacked, defending himself, unleashing every ounce of rage upon the old demon. And then the man was no longer moving, no longer breathing. Jayce had killed him. He was haunted by that day forever. After that, he moved around, never settling down anywhere, never staying for more than a day. He met other supernaturals and demons, most of them hostile. Jayce grew into a strong fighter. He wondered what that demon had wanted with him. Was he really trying to hurt him? Or just trying to prepare him for this dangerous game he played every day?

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H :) | 1225 comments Thanks :) I'll fix that.

Cool! You want to start?

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