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Firequill | 259 comments Mod
If you have a science Fiction novel in need of some reviews sign up here and tell us about your novel. We will try to help you get the reviews you needed

message 2: by Salem (new)

Salem Salem | 4 comments I do. Pearly Incognito is a quick entry into my Black Hole Butterfly world. Also you can read it for free today if you have a Kindle:

Pearly Incognito Pearly Incognito (Black Hole Butterfly) by Salem Black Hole Butterfly Black Hole Butterfly by Salem

message 3: by Colee (new)

Colee Firman (ColeeFirman) | 4 comments I'd like to offer The Silver Tower in exchange for reviews. Five copies of .mobi, PDF, or EPUB.

The Silver Tower by Colee Firman

Sophie Hayden has spent the last ten years studying at Slatemore Academy. She's at the top of her class with a solid future ahead of her. In three weeks, she’ll graduate and move away from home—away from her controlling parents and spoiled siblings. A perfect plan—at least it was until Leo Emerik came crashing onto the scene.

When an incident with a classmate nearly costs Sophie everything—including her life, Leo swoops in and saves the day. Sophie’s ready to thank him and move on. Leo has other plans.

The minute Leo set his sights on Sophie she knew she was in trouble. With a simple smile and one glance, he can make her forget everything but him—it’s frightening. He’s the last thing she needs and the only thing she wants.

After crossing paths with Leo, a disaster with Sophie’s name on it seems to be waiting around every corner. Somehow, Leo’s always there to bail her out. Everyone else can see the one thing she can’t—her bad fortune may all lead back to him.


message 4: by Juliet (new)

Juliet (julietreads) | 1 comments Writers of the Future Volume 31
I am looking for reviewers of this title. It releases on May 4th. The ARC (Digital) copies are available.

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