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message 1: by Book (new)

Book (readingislove) | 5 comments Hello,

My book group is reading Poison Study next month and I'm in charge of bringing dessert. We like to do theme type desserts if at all possible...

Any suggestions???

message 2: by Alethea (last edited Jul 24, 2009 03:31AM) (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Hi Leanne!

Definitely make our "criollo"--the best recipe I found was for fudge from Martha Stewart's Kids Magazine. You can find it here. I cut them into small thumb-nail size pieces as per the book and they do turn out kind of flaky if you practice. I've made about 8-10 batches of the stuff (not all at once) and it's almost foolproof.

If you search discussion posts for criollo (there's a search box to the right) you'll find the old topic thread.

I think anything with chocolate, brandy, and coffee would be great themed with this book--or a dessert with all 3 together! (I've never cooked or baked with brandy so I'm probably not a good one to ask about that; just an idea!)

Take pictures and post them!!! ^_^

I'm thinking of having a Poison Party myself.... just for kicks.

message 3: by Book (new)

Book (readingislove) | 5 comments that sounds great! I will have to try it. Thanks.

Britt, Book Habitue (britt--bookhabitue) | 12 comments Umm.... Poison Desserts? LOL. Sorry, that made me giggle.

Criollo is an awesome idea!

message 5: by Book (new)

Book (readingislove) | 5 comments I made a dessert!!!

Here's my story...

I took Rand's place and decided to try and create something for the commander... but I didn't have the official Criollo; therefore, I came up with something almost as good!

I bought cake from a box (if I had more time I would have tried to actually make it)-- dark chocolate. It calls for 1 1/3 cups of water...instead I put 1/2 cup of fat free coffeemate hazelnut and then the rest water. For the cream I used coolwhip and coffee syrup. On the top, I added Lindt chocolate truffles!

I figured chocolate b/c of the Criollo, hazelnut because it was said to have a nutty flavor. The coolwhip w/ coffee flavoring because of coffee being banned! I thought the truffles would be good because they reminded me of little Criollo balls.

It was a huge success! The group LOVED it and it tasted AMAZING! It sounds heavy- but man was it so light!

Oh- and I brought it like the 3rd pic... I had to taste know. :)

Soooo good!

message 6: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
OOOoooohhhh! I will have to try that tomorrow! Wow!

message 7: by Gisela (new)

Gisela (chicadorlando) | 180 comments That looks sooo yummy!

message 8: by Book (new)

Book (readingislove) | 5 comments Gisela wrote: "That looks sooo yummy!"

It was amazing! I'm definitely making it again! People from my book group are STILL talking about it!

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah It definitely looks wonderful! No wonder your book group loved it

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