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Mouse ran into her dorm room, slamming the door shut. She had flown all the way back without getting lost. She ran over to her bed and flopped down, hiding her face in her pillow and cursing that blasted wine.

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Maveric | 5992 comments Hamino looked up at as Mouse burst into the room and collapsed onto her bed. Hamino looked over as she wondered what could do this to Mouse, Mouse had almost no social life so it couldn't be anything like that and she didn't really have anything precious with her from her home since she wasn't even aware of the transfer and she lost contact with her family so Hamino was really puzzled about what Could make Mouse get a pure red face. it looked almost as if she was embarrassed but Mouse didn't have any friends to be embarrassed by. "Mouse, what happened?" She asked.

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Mouse didn't even notice Hamino. She had only briefly gotten acquainted with her this morning when she had awoken. She had however liked the other girl, she was nice. She was stick to her side of the room which was nice. No clothing or pizza boxes on Mouse's side of the room. Mouse sat up and looked at Hamino. "Dammit I asked the most embarrassing questions ever! And I meant to ask does his blush go all the way down like it does up!" Mouse then stopped, she slapped her hands over her mouth again as her eyes widened. She then shut her eyes tightly and gave a muffled scream since her hands where still covering her face.

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Maveric | 5992 comments Hamino stood up and walked over to mouse. "seems you found a new friend, just place this in your mouth and the blushing should go down." Hamino said as she handed Mouse a small blue piece of lolly.

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Mouse looked at it in horror. "God no more!" She shouted and jump up, standing on her bed before squeaking and making a run for the bathroom. She then slammed and locked the door, hopping into the bathtub and closing her eyes, clamping her mouth shut and pressing her hands against her ears.

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Maveric | 5992 comments "i'm guessing who ever you talked to had some of Loki's wine, I've dealt with the problem myself and had these made. they counter the truth serum, clear the head and basically return the body to a normal state in mind and body." Hamino said as she walked over to the Bathroom door.

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Mouse raised her head. She hopped out of the bathtub and rushed to the door. Once there she opened it and threw it open. She grabbed Hamino's hand and raised it up before taking the blue candy and popping it into her own mouth.

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Maveric | 5992 comments "must have been something nagging on your mind, it should take effect relatively quickly." Hamino said as she walked back to her bed and sat down.

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Mouse nodded as she walked out of the bathroom. A moment later the candy dissolved. And another moment later she fell onto her bed, passed out.

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Maveric | 5992 comments "she must have been exhausted, it was only a placebo." Hamino said as she opened her school books and began on her assignment about neurological influence's.

(look up what a placebo is.)

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Mouse rested easily on her bed, her legs dangling off of the edge. She dreamt of odd blushes and naked reapers.

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Maveric | 5992 comments Hamino took notes as she pressed a small shock emitter on different neurological passages on Mouse's body to try and send different neurological signals to her brain like sadness, happiness and arousal to see if there was any physical reaction.

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Mouse squeaked and jumped up. "What the heck are you doing?!" She asked as she hugged herself. She was feeling sad and happy and......

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Maveric | 5992 comments "just testing something for school, might want to change though." as Hamino looked at Mouse's blouse and the slight variation of wet fabric down....

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Mouse's face was filled with horror. She ran into the bathroom again and slammed the door shut. She locked it before returning to the bathtub and holding her knees close as she wrapped her arms around herself and started crying.

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Maveric | 5992 comments *note to self, Mouse is easily embarrassed.* Hamino thought to herself as she realised it was getting late and that she should get some sleep so she began to put away her things.

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Mouse stayed in the bathroom all night. She wasn't embarrassed. She felt violated. She didn't even want to be in her own body and soon turned the shower on. She just sat getting soaked. Once it was around midnight she turned the water off and got out of her clothes. She went into her room and grabbed her suit case which had been at the bed when she awoke that day. She got on a pair of black shorts and a large white shirt. She didn't even bother drying off. She got on a green jacket and left her feet bare before throwing her other clothes in the bin and setting it on fire. She then took her suit case and left through the bathroom window. She was going home.

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Maveric | 5992 comments (where does she end up?)

Hamino watched, half asleep, as Mouse got prepared for something and then preceded to leap out a window.

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