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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife
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Proof of Heaven

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Isis Molina (isismolina) | 77 comments Mod
I'm going to try to keep my emotions at bay while discussing this book. I tend to get pretty emotional when talking about religion.

So, this story was well told. I loved the narration and description. The author was likeable and he really captured his family. He sounded so smart and that's because he is. He didn't push religion on me. It never felt like that. He wanted to show his story in the moat unbiased way. He gave perspective from both sides because he had been on both sides. I respect that.

His story captivated me. His journey to Heaven was unbelievable, but I guess I do believe it. I mean, it's kind of hard to wrap my head around it, but I do believe he had an experience. So I think it's nice that he shared it with the world.

My grandmother went through a NDE and she herself claims to have gone to Heaven for a few minutes. She cried because she lost Heaven and found herself back on earth, and that seemed to be the same emotional reaction that Eben went through.

I think he's right. That sort of thing does happen a lot. I loved learning that there are singing angels in Heaven, and dogs, and family members waiting for you. I love that. It's a hopeful outlook.

But I also wonder, what about people who have NDE but they go to Hell? Do people get sneak peaks of Hell as well? I dunno, that's something I'd like to find out.

Anyway, this book was worth a read. I didn't much like the scientific descriptions because it dragged. A lot of it went by slow. He didn't really talk that much about Heaven, but when he did, it was pretty awesome. If I will ever get to feel that, well, that's something to look forward to.

Nicole | 69 comments Mod
I liked this book. Mor of the beginning and the very end. He lost me a little in the middle. He started to preach I guess I can say too much for me.

But I love how he is so scientific and facual and generally unbiased about his story. Usually with anything involving religion I end up feeling like it is something that is being sold to me like an infomercial, but this book steared clear of it as much as it could.

I find his story facinating, and I keep thinking of Heaven is for Real while I read it. I think a lot was similar, but there was differences and I wonder about those. Maybe it is just age difference, but they are still there.

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