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Dajla - Book 3

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Dajla After a fire in the tenenement building, a young girl named Niamh, lost her family. Now she was an orphan.she was sent to authorities and went on the orphan train. People did not want her because she was a girl. This girl was finally found by someone, or who she thought was someone real, someone who would take care of her, someone who would take her into their home..The guy that took her in, raped her, or what had almost happened. After going through so much, her teacher took her in. find out what happens, you wont regret it.

♞ Pat Gent She wasn't actually raped. The foster mother walked in and caught her husband attempting a rape and threw the girl out into the cold where she walked to school through the snow - three miles or so.

It was a horrible situation -- just horrible.

Great book, though. REALLY great book.

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