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Asiya Shaikh | 11 comments I have always wondered about the four-plate stone door called 'VALARITAS'. I admit i have had some wild fantasies about what's behind it. I can't help but feel that It has something related to The Chandrian or The Amyr.
Any other Ideas anyone?

Billy | 51 comments Taborlin the Great... just kidding, I have no clue

Brandon Johnston (d20dad) | 19 comments I think Valaritas is Rothfuss creating a word that is inspired by the Latin word Veritas which means "Truth." I think the secrets behind the 4 plate door are the unaltered histories with all the details intact. The Chandrian, the Amyr, all of it.

I also have a sad suspicion that had Kvothe ever actually gone to Loren with his concerns he would have been brought into his confidence and been given access to the secrets within.

Moonshadow | 10 comments In Skarpi's story and in some other places, they refer to people who die as shut or locked behind doors of stone. I always kind of linked it to the four-plated doors in the University in my head. Just like death itself... of course they could be just talking in a metaphor, or be a reference to some other doors, or the lackless box or something. That's just what I think.

Diogo Maia | 4 comments Hello!

I think when someone talks about the doors of stone, for example: "locked behind doors of stone". they are talking about the doors to the fae.

I liked the theory tha the Vlaritas is inspired in the Latin word Veritas which means "Truth."

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