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Vas happenin?

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Cassie Haha heey. Oh God let me just say sorry if I don't do this right. >.<

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It's okay, lol... I'll just let you know.

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Cassie Alright.

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Narrators Pov or our characters Pov?

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Cassie Hm.. which would you rather?

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Honestly the characters, lol

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Cassie Lol alright! we can do that then.

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( Okie dokie, also... Harry isn't in it now, Steph is )

I smiled at the sight of the college's campus, it was very beautiful and peaceful looking. For some reason... it felt like a new beginning for me, I looked over at my mother and Noah and they had the same proud smile on their lips, and I couldn't help but give them a genuine smile of my own before taking a small breath and walking inside of the building, both of them following behind me.

I could just picture it now, my own future was already decided the minute I was born, I knew it from the beginning, I would be with Noah, go to college, graduate college, marry Noah, be an author and so on... it was crazy how fate managed to fool a lot of people, but not me.

"This place is really nice..." I heard Noah mumble as we headed up the stairs my mother's large heels clacking loudly against the hardwood stairs. I nodded, too excited to form any words from my mouth

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Cassie I sat on my bed, rumbling through my stuff as I waited for my roommate to arrive. I sort of didn't want to be here, I wanted to be traveling the world, seeing it in all it's beauty and glory. But instead, low and behold I'm stuck here.

I had no choice. My family all went to this school and it was a tradition of course I had to continue. I bit my lip concentrating on where to put my stuff on my side of the room, glancing over at the door every once in a while to see if this roommate would ever damn show up.

I had my music up loud, that's how I liked it. This roomie of mine was going to have to deal with it, because old habits are hard to break. "Human", by Christina Perri was radiating through the speakers, my mind absorbed as suddenly the door opened and in walked a blonde, followed by a little entourage.

"You must be my roommate.", I say, both eyebrows raised.

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( Steph's Pov should have been from narrators view because she's a side character but it's okay lmao! It was still really good )

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Cassie (Oh. Oops.)

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I couldn't help the frown that made it's way to my lips as I took in my roommates appearance, she was very pretty, but tainted her skin with those tattoos and piercings, especially with her fiery red hair. Looking around the small room her side was filled with posters of bands I never heard of also having tattoos and piercings themselves, without saying a word I walked over to my side of the room and neatly placed my suitcases on the bed, ignoring her attempt at a greeting. My mother scoffed at the sight of the girl and I couldn't help but agree with the thoughts that were going through her head, but it was impossible to change dorms around this time now. I would have to wait until next semester.
Noah placed the remaining suitcases on my bed before walking back over to my mother and staring awkwardly at the wall as silence consumed us all.

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( It's okay)

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Cassie (So do you not want me to be in first person then? For any of it, even when Harry comes into play?)

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( Side characters are from narrators Pov main characters are from their own Pov, did I explain that good enough? Or nah? Lol.)

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Cassie Steph could tell that neither her roommate or her entourage liked her the least bit, but she could give a rat's ass at the moment. She turned the music down a bit though, as she ignored the stares that were pointed into her direction and instead tried to focus on unpacking her clothes, or organizing her bookshelf, just waiting for the people by the doorway to leave.

She hated crowds, or even people like these who were the silent type who didn't know what to do in situations like these. They annoyed her as much as blondie over there did. She gave a huff as finally they left, her back was still to the door, so she didn't know if they all left or only the silent ones did, since her roommate made no effort to start a conversation. Fine by her.

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It took a long time convincing my mother that moving out of the dorm was only going to take up time and money, and that the smarter thing would be if I were to move out during my second semester, Noah of course agreed with her and I only had to make my argument stronger, and provide more evidence until they eventually agreed and hugged me goodbye before leaving. With a small huff, I went back into the room and started to decorate my side of the room, not even bothering to talk to the girl that I still had not asked her what she was doing in here for, but I was pretty sure that she was my roommate for this semester

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Cassie Steph swallowed and finally decided to be the bigger person in this silent stand-off that was apparently going on at the moment. "What's your name?", she asked cautiously as she glanced behind her back at her roommate, seeing she was also as well personalizing her side of the room. She bit the inside of her cheek and turned back, self consciously rubbing the inside of her wrist.

She shook her head out of the daze it was in and went back, waiting to hear her roommate respond, which she still hadn't by this time. "Really? No answer.", she muttered to herself under her breath, as she started to shove her clothes in the drawers.

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"It's Tessa." I replied back to her simply, still putting my clothes away neatly before sitting on the edge of my bed and fiddling with my nails a habit that my mother tells me I get from my deadbeat dad and tries to stop me from doing it so often. I sighed, I miss Noah and my mother already even if she did tick me off... a lot, I grabbed my phone from the pocket of my jeans and dialed down Noahs number and waited patiently for him to answer. He answered on the first ring and we began talking like we never left each other.

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Cassie Steph let out a huge puff when she heard Tessa talking to her boyfriend. She finished unpacking her stuff and sat on her bed, rubbing at her arm as she watched Tessa talk, Steph was a little disgusted. Finally Steph couldn't deal with it, she strutted over and grabbed Tessa's phone, abruptly ending the call.

"We're gonna set up some ground rules.", Steph said, as she handed the phone back. "No calling your boyfriend when I'm around, I don't wanna hear that shit. Number two, just don't talk to your boyfriend on the phone when I'm around and we'll get along great.", she growled as she stalked back to her bed.

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I glared at her before grabbing my out dated phone and typing Noah ' s number again and pressing it against her ear, "I don't care what your rules are, I'm going to talk to my boyfriend if I want to and if you don't like it, bye.' I said to her rolling my eyes, before greeting Noah again and explaining why my phone abruptly hung up.

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Cassie Steph gave her an annoyed look as she grabbed her purse and strutted out of their dorm, slamming the door as she looked around to see where she could go next and what she could do around her, she had no complete clue, she was new to this whole area, she noticed a group of boys who had gone to her high school down the hall and she ran over to greet them, giving them each hugs as she reached the last one, who she gave an extra tight hug to as his curly hair got in her face.

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I rolled my eyes at her before continuing to talk to Noah, we talked about simple things like school and politics and upcoming movies, we didn't need to tell each other how much we loved each other because we're a couple that understands things by our actions and I couldn't be any more happier.

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Cassie "Harry!", she let out a laugh as he picked her up, then set her down. She talked more to them, getting to see their dorm and hanging out with them for a bit, until she and Harry decided to go for a walk, where she didn't mention a word about her roommate as he pressed for her answers, she just continually rolled her eyes.

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After awhile of talking to Noah, I decided to hang up the phone and grab a map of the schools campus, I pursed my lips together as I took in the lines and placed that were marked on the large paper before slipping on my Vans and heading out of the dorm. But not before checking my hair, and the little make up I had on.

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Cassie "Tell me about her Steph.", Harry commanded in his beautiful accent which could melt girls' hearts, but not hers. She only saw him as a friend and always would. "She's blonde, she has a boyfriend, and she likes to call him a lot.", she muttered as she heard Harry let out a deep laugh. "It's not funny!", she said, glaring at him but she couldn't stay mad at him for long. He was Harry after all.

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( Lawdy... Harry Styles♡.♡)

Once I was out of the dorm, I headed outside and began exploring around the campus my eyes focused on the paper as I slowly walked through the busy grounds, every once In a while I would look up and see where I was at but none of the places were the library.

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