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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) A plaza on campus with benches, flowers and a water fountain that spews Olympian water to drink

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Geneva walked around the plaza absently dragging her hands over the tips of the flowers. She walked over to a bench closed her blue eyes and breathed in the sweet smell of the beautiful flowers.

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Rose sat down on a bench and sighed. It was so beautiful here! She wondered if the other girl was alone. Rose stood up and walked toward the fountain then sitting on the edge.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Geneva heard someone else walking around and opened her eyes. She smiled at the girl.
She's so pretty.
Geneva thought to herself but out loud she said
"Hi,I'm Geneva."

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" Hi Geneva! I'm Hazel!" Hazel said. To herself she thought Geneva was pretty. " Do you come here often?" She asked. " It's my fathers court, so I hope you do. " she said smiling.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Hazel. Even her name is pretty.
"Yes I do come here a lot. I enjoy the calm and the flowers. And now that I know it's your fathers Ill come here more often." Geneva said to her smiling.
"Do you come here a lot?"

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Hazel giggled a little at Geneva. That was a nice name. " I come here all the time! Who is your godly parent?" she asked.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments "My mother is Aphrodite. Apernetly I got my looks from my mom and brains from my dad." Geneva said laughing.

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" Nice! So you're smart and cute! Wait, did I say that out loud ?" She muttered.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Geneva laughed.
"And you're funny and cute, I like that."

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" Thanks. " she blushed. " I like you! Want to go catch lunch?" she asked out of the blue.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Now it was Geneva's turn to blush. Hazel had said she liked her.
"Sure, lets go eat."

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"Where?" Hazel asked. She couldn't believe she had said that out loud.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments "Want to try the Reataurante de Romantic?"
Geneva asked.

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" Okay! Do you have a car? If you don't I can drive you!"

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments "Yeah I have a car but I'd love to drive with you." Geneva said smiling

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" Okay! Come on!" she said taking Geneva by the hand and pulling towards the car.

~Spy~ Jack Sparrow's girl (GallagherGirl97) | 49 comments Geneva let herself be pulled to the car.
After all she I holding my hand.
She thought to herself.

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They hopped in the car and drove away.

You post first at the restaurant.

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