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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Dave sits at a park bench looking around making sure no one is around. The park he is at is normally abounded at this hour, but he is always cautious when it comes to his talents. Dave shouldn't be out past his curfew, but he also shouldn't skip meals, and cheat on just about every test he takes... Dave looks at the piece of trash that rests on the table, "Someone should really move that." He smiles to himself as he concentrates on making the trash move with his mind. At first the rubble moves slowly, but then as he picks up his stride and before he knows it the trash is right at the trash can. Dave tries to focus on both the piece of trash and moving the trash can lid. It's so hard for him to split his focus like that. The piece of trash drops to the ground. Dave curses as he tries to do it again and again and again.

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Skye strolled down the lame of the park with her blonde head bent just slightly, her left hand by her lips, holding a cigarette between them. She lit the cigarette with her left hand and stuffed the lighter into the small purse dangling by her hip. Her brown eyes crawled over the dark scenery, taking the the soft glow of the lamps, the soft scruff long of leaves in the light wind of the evening. Sky ran a hand through her untamed mane and pushed the hairs back, out of her face. She didn't really know why she was out there, she just needed somewhere to be. Somewhere besides the apartment. The fresh air was good for her, she thought, as she took a drag of the cigarette and continued on her way. She hadn't expected to see anyone in the park that late at night, so Skye was generally surprised to see a guy around her age sitting on a park bench, staring intently at a piece of trash on the ground. She stopped when she was a few feet away and looked at him with amusement sparked in her eyes "Using the force, there?" She asked teasingly, a smirk curling onto her red lips.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Dave looked up at the girl. Luckily the trash or the trash can wasn't moving when she walked to him. He gave her remark a small laugh, because he was using the force. "No, just having a heart to heart with the piece of trash." Dave walks over to it and picks it up, "he was telling me how neglected he was." He opens the lid of the trash can and drops the neglected trash in. Dave turns his attention back to the girl, "You know smoking is bad for you" he jokes as he walks towards the girl. "Plus it's not permitted on park grounds." He sits back down at his park bench and gives her a look of disapproval. He doesn't really know what to make of her she seems odd. Some days Dave wished he could read minds instead of move stuff.

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Skye thought for a moment and laughed to herself "I was about to say how sad it was to be spending your Wednesday night with a piece of trash, by u didn't think that sounded very good." She said, smiling goofily at her own joke. She snapped out of it though and rolled her eyes at the boy "It's not even permitted to be in the park this late, Gandhi." She scoffed back at him, taking a puff of the cigarette, then blowing her smoke right in his direction. She let her eyes wander over the boy. Not to check him out or anything, to size him up, see what kind of person he was. Skye always tried to do thT, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. It always depended. This guy was tough, he seemed so normal. Weird. "I'm Skye, by the way." She muttered to him, still standing in her spot a few feet away, clad in jeans and a maroon tee shirt that was one size too big.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Dave raised his eyebrow at her, "You're not very good at first impressions are you?" Dave folds his hands over his lap. "So tell me-" he stops to cough and wave the smoke out of his face. "Tell me, what brings you to the park this late at night?" He points to the moon, "Was it the full moon?" Dave points to the woods, "Was it to explore the mysterious woods?" Then he points to her, "Or was it to discover yourself." At this point he's standing up. His intentions were to see her better under the moonlight, but he wouldn't admit that. "I don't recall asking for a name, but thank you anyway." Dave laughs, "I am flattered that you feel a moral obligation to share your name with me Skye." He takes his hand in hers and pats it, not in a romantic way. "Is this the part where I give you my name?" Dave gives Skye a wry smile then looks at the sky. "It truly is beautiful isn't it? " he sighs, "The moon I mean." Dave loses himself in the sky for a moment before coming back to earth, "I'm Dave" he says quietly, still mesmerized by the beauty of the night sky.

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Skye shrugged in response to all the boys questions and watched him stand up closely. He seemed nice, but it wasn't a good idea to get too close to a guy in a dark park with no one around them. Skye kept a polite distance, not too far away. "I didn't plan on coming here, I just went where my feet took me. Needed to get away for a bit." She said, knowing fully well that to her, anywhere was better than home right then. Dave seemed to be an interesting character, his wild brown hair made her want to smile. She followed the direction of his eyes to the sky and looked where he indicated, her creamy skin glowing under the light of the moon. She had to agree, it was beautiful "I hadn't noticed it before, it is gorgeous, though. Damn." She muttered, taking a short drag and staring up at the moon. "Do you go to Washington?" She asked, referring to the nearby high school, she didn't think she'd seen him before, but Skye had a tendency to not pay attention.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Dave puts his hands in his pocket and thinks about his next question for a while before asking it. "What are you trying to get away from?" He turns his head to the side slightly. It's as if he's intrigued by everything about her. Dave is intrigued by everything about her, but everything intrigues Dave. He can't really tell if he should treat Skye any different than he does every other person he comes into contact with. "No I go to Lakepointe." Lakepointe is the school just right outside of the city. Dave used to go to Washington, but things happened. "I take it you go to Washington? Nice place isn't it?" He gives a dark laugh. "Did they ever replace the old water fountain?" Dave knows they didn't, but he loves giving things the benefit of the doubt.

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Skye pursed her lips at Dave's question. To be frank she didn't think it was any of his business. She hated relaying information about her home life. No it wasn't as bad as it could be, but it wasn't great either, and she didn't like people knowing about it for her own reasons. Skye looked Dave right in the eyes and asked plainly "Does it really matter?", in such a tone that he would know she didn't really want him to answer. She nodded to his next question, she didn't mind answering that "Yeah, I go to Washington. It's great, it's the perfect breeding ground of assholes and hormones." She said sarcastically, wiggling her brows a bit him. "The fountain? Man they're never going to replace that thing. Chiseled my name into the other day... I think it looks nice." She muttered the last but to herself, staring off into the sky again.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Dave finds her frustration amusing. "Someone's a little feisty when it gets this late out." Dave smiles as he teases her, "Does someone need a nap?" Deep down he knew she wouldn't answer his question, but it was worth a shot. "Besides I'm just trying to get to know you." Dave says it sarcastically. Not that he wasn't trying to get to know Skye, but the sarcasm was always in his tone. "When you go to school tomorrow say 'Hi' to Rodney for me. Ask him how his arm is feeling." Dave laughs hysterically at the memory. He's on the verge of tears. His laughter stops after a few minutes. Dave points to the sky as something falls in the distance, "Do you think it's a shooting star or just a plane?" He took an unhealthy interest in what the universe had to offer. There was so much yet so little. Dave snaps out of his philosophical trance when his phone rings. "Shit." He says to himself as he typed a response to one of the kids at the orphanage. "Well Skye, this has been truly delightful, but I have to get back to the house." He stands up and writes his phone number on her palm in permanent sharpie. "Maybe I'll see you wandering in the park sometime again." Dave tosses the sharpie at her as he walks backwards into the darkness.

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Skye rose a brow at his sarcasm "Just so you know, Dave. It would be a pleasure to get to know me, your sarcasm is way overrated." She chirped. The thing about Skye is that it's always hard to tell if she's joking or not, there's really no way to find out unless she tells you. She gazed at him a little confused when he started laughing at his own joke. Sky had no idea what he was talking about. See she talked to her clique at school, the gang of kids she fit in with, but other than that, she was insanely isolated from the other kids. And she was definitely okay with that. She tapped her foot while she waited for him to stop laughing, and when he did, she answered quickly "Shooting star." She said plainly, making her own little wish quietly, her eyes closed for just a couple of seconds. She opened them when she heard Dave's phone ring, and nodded slightly. "Yea okay, I'll see you around Dave" she said, throwing a short wave his way. She then turned on the heels of her doc martens and sauntered off in the other direction, her cigarette glued to her lips.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments (K so I guess we just split off into two separate ones would you like me to be her mother??)

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(Separate ones doe)

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments (So her mom is a drunk right?)

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(Heck yea she is)

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments (Alright well just follow my lead with Dave, you'll know what to do.)
Jane sat in her rocking chair with a bottle of gin in her hand and a cigarette in the other. She was already heavily intoxicated. "Where is that little-" she paused holding back some vomit. Ironically enough she took another swig of her gin and stared off into the darkness. Jane had three moods. 1) drunk 2) really drunk 3) mad at Skye for reasons that she was too drunk to remember. Jane took a log drag of her cigarette she was gonna really lay into Skye when she finally got home. That is if she remembered to do so. Sometimes Jane made plans in her head while she drank and then they just flew out of her head when it came time to act on those plans. Jane rocked back and forth in her rocking chair just letting all her anger build up, she couldn't wait to see Skye. The thought of yelling at her and bringing mental instability to the house hold made Jane warm inside. Before she knew it her rocks became smaller and smaller until eventually they were nonexistent. She drifted off into a drunk sleep.

Dave walked to the halfway house doors cautiously. No one should've been up that late, but then again he wasn't supposed to be out that late either so his assumption could be wrong. He knew he wouldn't get into THAT much trouble if he got caught sneaking out. This would only be his second time getting caught. He had would have one more strike left if he did. Dave slowly opened the doors and looked left and right to make sure the coast was clear. It didn't look like there was anyone in the foyer. He slowly crept into the house and shut the door behind him. Dave made his way to the steps and made sure to step over the creaky step or at least he thought he did. Instead, he stepped on the loudest of the staircase. "Fuck." Dave said to himself silently. He stood there for a minute hoping no one would hear him.

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Skye spent another hour strolling through the park, and made her way slowly home afterwards. It wasn't the apartment that was the problem. Nah it wasn't too bad. Skye kept it clean and though it was small, she quite liked it. It was her mother that she wasn't in the mood for, she didn't really feel like being screamed at all night. She had to get some sleep though, so Skye walked down the street slowly, scruffing her heels against the cement sidewalks as she went. She came up to the house her mother and she rented, along with some old guy that lived on the top floor. Sky didn't know him though. She walked up the steps to the porch and pushed open the door, walking in and glancing around for any signs of her mother. None so far, thank god. She took a few more steps and spied jane in the living room, passed out in her rocking chair. Skye rolled her eyes, it was such a natural pose for the woman. Skye stepped slowly towards her room, trying to be quiet enough to not wake her

Claire couldn't sleep. She was thrashing left and right on the bunk beds she shared with another girl, in the small room they called home. She was used to it, and didn't think muh of the space. She was only six years old, and held her worn teddy bear to her chest while she tried hard to sleep. She heard walking in the hallway by her room and froze slightly. There was only one person who hadn't been in the house at bedtime that night, and that was Dave. So the person in the hall must be him too, right? Claire smiled a bit, she liked Dave, she thought he was weird, but nice. She kicked her covers down and kept holding onto her best tight as she jumped out of bed and scurried to the hallway. She opened the door and stood there for a second, just looking. Once she saw that her hunch was right, she jogged out into the hallway, her black hair trialling behind her. She had olive skin and chocolatey colored eyes. She padded over to Dave and poked at his leg "I can't sleep." She stated, looking up at him like it was his job to fix it.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Jane stirred in her sleep. Her cigarette was still burning and she had almost dropped her bottle of gin. She parted her eyes slowly when she heard Skye walk in. "Where the hell have you been?" Jane asked groggily. She took a quick swig and tried to stand up, but couldn't because she was so drunk. She remembered how she had planned to be extremely angry with Skye and raised her voice for no apparent reason, "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, YOU LITTLE SHIT?" Jane hadn't even given Skye a chance to respond and she didn't intend on giving her a chance either. "You know Skye you're really ungrateful. You prance around here I'm your tight prostitute clothes," she took another swig, "and you go to god knows where, and you leave me to fend for myself." Jane stood up and pointed to the kitchen. "Why aren't those god damn dishes washed." Jane was on a roll now, she walked to Skye's room, "Why isn't this room cleaned?" She couldn't think of something else to complain about so she threw her bottle on the ground with a laugh, "Why isn't this stain cleaned up?" Jane crossed her arms as she took a long drag of her cigarette. She blew smoke into Skye's face much like Skye had done to Dave earlier in the night. Karma is a biotch. "Looks like you've got some work to do." Jane laughed and say back down in her pitiful rocking chair.

Dave gave a sigh of relief when she heard Clare's tiny voice. "Clare," he paused trying to think of a way to get her back into her room, "Clare you know this is the time when monsters come out right?" Dave crouched as if he were protecting Clare from some unseen force. "It's not safe to be out here this late you should really get back to your room." He couldn't think of anything better than what he had come up with. He knew that Clare wouldn't buy it. Dave didn't necessarily like Clare, but he could tolerate her. He found slightly less annoying than all the other small children in the house. Dave pointed to an end table with a lot of papers on them, "Clare look over there," he pointed really hard and imagined he was moving the papers on the table, after what seemed like an eternity all the papers flew in different directions. He wished that they would've gone where he directed them, but he wasn't complaining. "Those are the monsters." He looked at Clare and gave her a fake surprised look. "The monsters don't like six year old girls who stay up past their bed times." Dave shook his head and started to walk her towards her room hoping that she wouldn't resist.

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Skye heard her mother stir and frowned. She twirled towards the woman and watched as she yelled sitting down. Then she yelled standing up, walking towards her daughter. It took everything that Skye had to not scream back at her, but she knew it wasn't worth it. There's no use in yelling at her when she's drunk. She doesn't listen, she barely even hears you. So Skye waited and waited for her to be finished yelling, standing with her arms crossed and trying to keep her expression blank. Once she sat back down, Skye shook her head "Maybe you should get your ass up and do something once in a while." She said at a normal volume, not yelling at her. She let out a loud sigh and walked into her room, slamming the door behind her. She had no idea that in the other room, she'd made her mothers chair fall over. (haha what telekinesis woah)

Claire looked up at Dave and crossed her arms over her chest, staring defiantly up at him as he told her about "You're obviously lying Dave." She said. Claire had never been afraid of monsters or things. She didn't like spiders, but that was it. She stared up at him and felt herself start to smile. "I have an idea, you can read to me! You can read me a chapter in my book." She chirped. "And if you don't, then I'll tell Mrs. S that you just came in." She said, knowing she'd get her way.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments The fact that Skye didn't tell out like Jane made Jane so upset. "You're grounded for the next month." She probably wouldn't remember that she had said that. Technically Skye had been grounded for about ten years, but she never followed through with her punishment. Jane watched as the door slammed in her face, "Disrespectful little-" she paused when she heard her chair move behind her. Jane looked at it for a long time. "Might be time to lay off the gin for a little bit." She laughed as she told that horrible joke. Jane walked to the kitchen and started to pour herself a glass of wine, but decided on drinking straight from the bottle. She sat with her back to the fridge and after finishing the bottle of wine, way too quickly she fell asleep with an empty bottle in her hand and a cigarette burning in her other hand. (Hehe Jane's gonna go crazy really soon.)

Dave rolled his eyes, "Fine, okay you win." He nodded quickly trying to get her into her room and out of the hallway. "I'll read to you in your room." He didn't really feel like pretending he was a babysitter for the evening, but Clare wouldn't shut up so he had too... "Now what book would you like me to read to you?" Dave picked up a few classics, "How about my personal favorite 'Go the fuck to sleep'" he knew she probably wouldn't like that book. "Or maybe, 'No seriously go to sleep'" Dave flipped through the diverse books.

(Btw "Go the Fuck to Sleep" is actually a real children's book)

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(Okay this is gonna be really dramatic but bear with me kay?)
Skye walked further into her room and twirled towards her mirror. She was trying to cool down, placing her hot palms onto the top of the cool dresser, a wide mirror before her. As much as she tried to seem clam, Skye always hated seeing her mother that way. Anger, sadness, and confusion engulfed her every time. She stared back at her reflection, her pale face obviously stressed with the world around her. Her eyes were cool, though, cool and calm in the soft lighting of her room. She swept her bleached hair out of her face and closed her eyes tightly. She wasn't sure just why she had to have this terrible mother, and she didn't know why Jane hated her so much, but every time she picks up a bottle, it happens. And every time, Skye wants to smack her back to reality. She has a kid, a kid that she barely cares about. Why did she even keep her around? Why not throw her out and let her be a foster kid, maybe have a chance at a good home? And then there was school, which she was almost flunking out of, and her friends, that confused her beyond belief. It was all too much. Just too much. Skye sat back on the carpeted floor of her bedroom and placed her head in her hands, letting out a loud, frustrated scream. It wrenched from her throat, slicing the silence in the house with a stern anger about it. The items in her room stared to wobble, wobble and move as if an earth quake was rattling the home. As Skye screamed, the objects started to fly across the room, in all different directions. Pictures were ripped off the walls, sheets torn from the bed, candle holders flew from their spots as well as makeup, hair brushes, and anything else in Skye's room. It was being trashed, the items swirling and circling as Skye's scream turned into soft sobs, the girl curling in on herself in the center of the storm.

Claire led Dave off to her room and hopped on her bed. She snuggled herself under the covers and rolled her eyes, once again, at Dave. Gosh he was stupid, but there wasn't really muh to pick from in an orphanage, now was there, Claire gave Dave a very grumpy look and acted as if he were far beneath her "that one, idiot." She said, pointing her small finger to a picture book on the shelf, seemingly about kittens.

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments Jane slowly opened her eyes or at least she thought she did. With the events happening in the house- to the house, she could've sworn she was dreaming. Jane slowly rose up and tried to steady herself. Something was causing the house to shake as if there was an earthquake. Then she heard the scream, Skye's scream. "SKYE." She yelled, but the scream could barely be heard. Jane fought against the swirling objects trying to make it to Skye's room. It felt like a strong wind was pushing her away. "Skye, open this door." She commanded. When she finally got to the door it took all her drunk energy to open it. "Skye are you doing this?" She looked at the dressers and brushes floating around in the air. Then she looked at Skye laying on the ground. This is when Jane knew it was a dream. "This has to be a dream." Se muttered to herself. She thought of a way to wake up, Jane stepped right in front of Skye's dresser and fell to the floor.

Dave walked to the shelf and grabbed Clare's kitten book. He say next to her on the bed. "Alright let's get started," he flipped open the book and rolled his eyes at the poorly drawn kittens, "One kitten, three kittens, we all wanna be kittens." He read in an exaggerated tone. "But one kitten really loves kittens." Dave looked at Clare, "This book doesn't have much to offer as far as plot goes." He closed it and decided he'd tell her his own story. "How about I tell you a story that you'll never forget?"

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments ((ELLLLLLAAAAA))

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(IM SORRY BUT I LEGITIMATELT DONT KNOW WHAT TO write I thought it would come to me but it's not like Skye is just laying on the floor next to her none now???)

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments ((I made her mom get hit by debris. Do you wanna skip to the next day?))

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(OH okay then yea I'll write a post for morning now, want one for Dave??)

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Kyland Kasper  (Fvck_Kasper) | 14 comments ((Yeah just Skip to the morning. You know what to do. *Jumps off roof and flys like Batman over Gotham.))

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Skye's eyes flung open, and she found herself looking at the ceiling of her room. But from the angel of her sight, she could tell that she wasn't on her bed. Skye let out a soft hum and started to stretch, figuring she just fell out of bed last night or something. But when she did, her hands brushed against numerous objects that were littering the floor. Skye's brows furrowed and she sat up, gazing around her to see the destruction of her room. "Holy shit." She muttered, observing broken items, and others that were just flung around the room, as well as her mother. Wait what. Skye crawled on the floor towards her mom, who was lying on the bedroom floor, asleep like Skye had been moments ago. Skye nudged her shoulder "Mom, mooooommmmm" she urged. When jane didn't open her eyes Skye assumed it was the alcohol, and stood up to see what other damage was done to the house. Skye stepped outside of her room to find the house perfectly in order. Nothing else was even a hair out if place. Skye stopped in her tracks, thinking back to the night before for a moment. She'd been angry at Jane, she could remember that. Skye squeezed her eyes shut "think, stupid, think." She whispered, and finally she remembered. Things had started flying, but nothing was moving them. Skye opened up her eyes and stared down at her hands. Was it possible that she had done that?? What else could've??? Skye frowned and decided it would be best to experiment, but she had to make jane think she was going to school, and make sure the woman was okay. She shuffled back into her room, avoiding any broken glass, and brought her mother into an upright position "MOM! JANE!!!" She yelled, hoping to wake the drunken woman.

(I don't really know what to write at the orphanage like Claire is younger so she wouldn't be awake yet on a school day >.>))

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