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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 90's teen horror about Macbeth theater camp [s]

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Colleen (bcmom9906) | 4 comments I remember picking this book up at my schools book fair back in the 90's. It was about a co-ed theater summer camp, they were practicing for Macbeth and scary things started happening to the kids. Like one girl has a fear of spiders and has to wear this witches hat with "fake" spiders hanging off it but they turn out to be real. It takes place near a lake that has a loon that cries every night. I would really like to find this book again.

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Holly (hollylovesbooks) | 761 comments Found a few possibilities (as far as I can tell, these are all kids/YA horror books set at theater camps):

How I Survived My Summer Vacation (or any of the other books in the Camp Haunted Hills series)
No Time to Die
Night Of The Goat Boy (#23)

Also, you're sure this took place at a summer camp, right? It wasn't just a school play? Just wondering because I could find lots of books where the school play is Macbeth, but (so far) I can't find anything about a summer theater camp. I can keep looking though :]

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Colleen (bcmom9906) | 4 comments Thanks so much for looking those too are not the book but um I'm sure it was a camp like they went away now summer I don't know but im assuming. the person that ends up terrorizing them is a jealous fellow camper.

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Colleen (bcmom9906) | 4 comments I Found It!!!!!! So excited...I've been looking for a couple of years :)

Night Cries by Barbara A. Steiner


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Rainbowheart | 14387 comments Night Cries for the trackable link.

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