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please read this book

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Dorothy Cramer please read this book it is very we'll written I couldn't put it down. one of the best books I have read in a very long time
Its captures so much in its scope like stories such as Disciples of Fortune , and The Great Escape. Every chapter was enjoyed.

Polly Krize Hard to say that I enjoyed this book...admiration for perseverance and courage says it better...

Shoshi Did not care about the authors promotion for his petpeeve. He sure showed it in this novel. The escape from the resistance fighters with help of some Christians. Nice idea, and there were many brave non-Jews helping and risking their lives. But this is just too much !

Lillian This is at least a 4.5 star book. My husband does not read fiction and is a serious student of the Holocaust and both of us felt it is a must read.

Amelia R I recently read this. It gripped me from start to finish. I literally could not put it down, regardless of my many attempts to slow down and savor it! (I had been waiting for this one a long time!) I am a big fan of Joel Rosenberg; his other books, especially the Twelfth Imam series, were also well written, and fast-paced. Very good.

Jane Loved the book. Fast, action packed and well written. Given the historical facts of how Polish Christians acted during WW II, it was a little hard to swallow how good the Christian characters were made out to be. Aside from that, this is a great read.

Shelley Laster Just finished reading this and enjoyed it. Love that Jacob found God in the end. Well written. Hard to find good books without crap on them. Recommend it.

message 8: by Jim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jim Anderson Read this a while back and thought it was a well written book. I recommend this for anyone who is interested in that time of history.

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