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Elizabeth (elizabeth_duivenvoorde) | 122915 comments Mod
One bed. This is where guys come to breed with you.

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Renegade Claudia fiddled with the handcuff that attached her to her bed, she hated it. She hated the system. Though it was worse for her. She had to have a child, or they would kill her. She was an Ex- Rebel after all.

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Zack sighed and knocked on the door.

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Renegade "It's open," she yelled. She couldn't exactly get up to open it.

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Zack opened the door."Need Help?"he asked.

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Renegade Claudia nodded. "There's a key for thease." She said, motioning for her hand cuffs. "It's over there." She said nodding for a table across the room.

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Zack nodded and got them walking over to her he unlocked them.

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Renegade Claudia smiled up at him. "Thanks, they put those things on so tight, cuts off my circulation." She said and rubbed her wrists, "Name's Claudia"

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"Zack."He said smiling.

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Renegade "So, how long will I be here, in the facility?" She said standing up.

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"Don't know."He said.

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